Bridget’s Review of a Very Good Book

Clare's Costly Cookie

Clare’s Costly Cookie by Julie Kelly, illustrated by Mary MacArthur.

Review by Bridget McConkey, age 8.

Clare’s Costly Cookie is a very nice book. I like how it’s about a girl growing closer and closer to God, but it’s not only about her praying to God and getting closer to God, but Clare even has these Saint cards that she tells you about.  For example, St. Agnes. She was young and very beautiful so many people wanted to marry her but she always refused.  When she refused to marry a prince, the king tried to ask her but she refused again and said that her heart was for God.  Then he got angry and ordered for her to be killed.

One summer day I tried what Clare did, so I prayed what I did wrong and sat quietly. The next thing I knew the answer popped into my head.  This book is kind of like an inspiration to people who read it and the author must have been smart because this can teach you about the saints, growing closer to God and to pray more often.


Bridget’s Mom received this awesome little book in exchange for Bridget’s honest review from the nice people at Nativity Press.

Just in case you were looking for a little gem to add to your Christmas Amazon order, maybe for your favorite 8 year old girl, here’s my affiliate link:

About our Guest ReviewerBridget reviewer

Bridget is 8 years old. She loves to draw, craft, read, play the piano, watch movies, dance and act goofy with her brothers, sisters and her Dad. She is likely available to review more chapter books in either French or English.

Just like her Mom, she also thinks it’s cool to be Catholic and has enjoyed learning about the Saints.



  1. We heard back from the author, Julie Kelly!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your daughter’s beautiful review of the book with me – I am so grateful! I do remember you because your site is wonderful – I admire what you are doing for families. And I understand the craziness of life in a big family:)

    Please tell your daughter I am so happy she likes the book, I think she is very kind to share it with her best friend, and I will say a special prayer for her. You can tell her also I am working on a second Clare book.

    Thank you, Monica, for taking the time to share this with me – I am so pleased and proud to have such a special reviewer! I pray the good Lord will bless your family and all of your good work.

    In Jesus and Mary,

  2. She’s adorable Monica! Bridget great job on the review! I’m putting this on my wish list for sure! Thank you!

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