Advent Books: Let Us Adore Him

Let us adore Him

With our rich Catholic Liturgical Calendar with our Scriptural readings and Gospel and Communion Antiphons assigned for every Mass throughout the world each day, we have plenty to draw from for prayer and meditation throughout all the Seasons…including Advent!

Let Us Adore Him is a compact little book of reflections based on the Communion Antiphons for each day’s Mass.  Each day is presented as the day of the week of the specific week of Advent, so it’s easy to stay on track! Fr Richard Fragomeni presents scriptural references for the readings, psalm and Gospel readings from Mass, along with the actual Communion Antiphon. I’ve never seen a reflection book focused on the Communion Antiphons before! It’s nice to draw some attention to this verse of Scripture that can often be missed by the congregation at Mass.

Fr Richard gives a short and sweet reflection on the Communion Antiphon, referencing insights from teachers of our Faith, Saints, Catechism, Scripture and beautiful excerpts from the text of the Mass.  Each reflection ends with a thoughtful question or suggestion to practice what we have just read.

The reflections encompass the entire season of Advent and extend to the end of the season of Christmas ending with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

The book seems to be geared to this 2014-2015 cycle for the weekday readings, but all 3 sets of references for Sunday readings are given so that the book can be used year after year.

Let Us Adore Him offers thoughtful reflections…perfect for prayer time, a short reading after dinner or before bedtime and a practical suggestion or question to answer to help us live it.


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