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The Advent of Christ

The Advent of Christ  Scriptural Reflections to Prepare for Christmas is a beautiful book of reflections by Dr. Edward Sri, perfect to help us prepare for Christmas throughout the season of Advent. Each day contains a short Scriptural reading, a meditation helping us delve deeper into the Christmas story, a question for reflection and a simple but profound prayer to help us keep the focus.

Sometimes the Christmas story feels so familiar that we can lose sight and take for granted the Blessed Event we are gearing up to celebrate. Dr. Sri brings rich insight, drawing from Scripture, unfolding the characters involved in the Christmas story, explaining unfamiliar Jewish themes and traditions and exploring the incredible mystery of the Incarnation.

Faithfully reflecting on the Christmas story presented through Scripture and elaborated by Dr. Sri, we can journey through Advent with anticipation and focus… and enjoy a fresh new appreciation and perspective on the Coming of the Messiah!

As I look at the focus of the readings, The Advent of Christ  seems to give particular attention to family. We are introduced to Zechariah and Elizabeth, parents of John the Baptist who will prepare the way for Jesus! The genealogy of Jesus establishes His human background and network; his connection to the biggest names in the Old Testament. Particular attention is given to Joseph and Mary and their virtue, their humility and obedience to the Will of God and of course the specific call of Mary and her complete ‘yes’; her Magnificat. In the last week of Advent, we journey with Joseph and Mary, reflect on the birth of Jesus and bask in the visit from the Shepherds…and ultimately visit of the Kings on the Feast of the Epiphany.

Reflections are included for the entirety of Advent, the Christmas Season up until January 1 (Feast of the Mother of God) and the Feast of the Epiphany.
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