All Saints! Review: Holy Traders Activity Kit

Review Holy Traders Activity Kit
I’ve been a fan of Holy Traders Saint Trading Cards for quite some time and I was excited to discover that there are now SIX sets of cards available!

I was also excited to discover that there is now a comprehensive Holy Traders Activity Kit available through Seton…and even more excited to have the opportunity to review it, receiving my own Holy Traders Activity Kit in exchange for my honest review.


Holy Traders KitThe Holy Traders Activity Kit includes all 6 Holy Traders sets for a total of 154 cards!

154 Activity Pages are included within the kit with fill-in-the-blank saint stories, based on the packed info on each card.

A clear cover binder is included along with 19 Archival Collector Pages.


I chose to insert the activity pages and plastic card holders into a 3-ring binder for a little easier flipping through the pages.

I really like the full color, durable Holy Traders cards, packed with bio information and stories of the lives of the saints. The double-sided cards often offer two different pictures of each saint and the saint’s Feast Day is easily found at the top of the back of each card. Catechism,  Scriptural references and quotes from the saint are included along with their title, patronage, life dates and interesting facts.

The worksheet pages offer fill-in-the-blank Saint stories and the answers can be found easily within the text of the Holy Trader cards. There is a matching full color print of the front and back of each card at the top of the page.


Holy Traders with Sleeves and Binder

I’m a little bit of a geek when it comes to Saints and the Liturgical Calendar. I like to be able to organize the cards and the worksheets according to where each Saint’s Feast Day occurs throughout the calendar. Organizing the binder month by month, it took a little tweaking to arrange the cards within the plastic sheets as divider pages between months.

I was also a little frustrated that the worksheets were printed probably in the same order that the saints appear within the 6 Trading Card sets. The saints are not arranged alphabetically or by Feast date, so the order is pretty random and can make finding a particular saint…tricky.

The worksheets were also printed double-sided…making organization by Feast date darn near impossible.

The great news…is that after corresponding with Jim of Holy Traders, the Holy Traders Activity Kit is now available with single-side printed worksheets! You will be able to easily shuffle the saint pages and organize them however you choose!

As a big fan of both St Therese and St John Paul II, I was a little disappointed to discover that these awesome saints were not included within the 154 Saint cards and worksheets.  The additional great news…is that after corresponding with Jim of Holy Traders again, I learned that revisions and additions are in the works to accommodate both St Therese and St John Paul II…and other Blesseds who have been canonized Saints!

Holy Traders Review

7 Ways to Use the Holy Traders Activity Kit :


Research projects for kids! Each Holy Traders card includes a wealth of information about one particular saint. You could assign a certain saint or let the child choose…and present their findings as a little report, lapbook or poster.


Excellent activity on your special Saint’s Feast Day! The ready-to-fill-in fill-in-the-blank worksheets offer a simple activity…and all the answers can be confirmed on the corresponding Holy Traders card!


Rewards: Kids can be rewarded with the Saints cards to build their own collections! Seeing the entire collection…can be a little overwhelming, but focusing on one card at a time and all the info it contains…is just the right way to foster devotion to the Saints!


Holy Traders Library Project

On the back of many of the Holy Trader cards, there is a white box with a reference to Scripture or the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These additional references and teachings can be further researched and presented as additional reports and included after the Saint worksheet in a binder. Over time the Holy Traders Library Binder can be expanded with in-depth study of these various teachings and how they relate to each saint.


Holy Traders TimeLine

Organizing the Holy Trader cards loosely in terms of the life dates of the saints, the cards can be used to embellish a Timeline book or wall banner! Use plastic sleeves as possible to protect the cards for other use.


Holy Traders Wall Calendar

There are Catholic Wall Calendar printables available online…but you could use the Holy Trader cards to create your own Wall calendar on poster board or on a bulletin board. Once again, consider using plastic sleeves to protect the card from glue or pinholes as you secure each Holy Trader card to the Feast date.


Holy Traders Postcards

Since the single-side printed worksheets are now available with the Holy Traders Activity Kit …the color printed worksheets could be cut (above the middle hole punch) so that the worksheets still fit within the binder, without the top portion. The color printed images can be cut and laminated for a sturdy set of postcards. Use the existing remaining hole punched in the left margin (and punched through the laminated layer) to hold the collection together with a metal binder ring.

Since there are so many Saints…different flip books could be compiled, organizing the Saints by month of Feast Day, century, vocation or in groupings such as Martyrs, Girl/Boy Saints, Religious, Founders, Family Patron Saints, etc.

The Holy Traders Postcards on a ring…travels easily and is a great grab-and-go flipbook to keep kids busy and inspired…and if you make a couple different flipbook collections, you can exchange them frequently in your travel bag and always learn something new.

Holy Traders Activity Kit with Binder


The Holy Traders Activity Kit is available through Seton. Order yours today!

I received the Holy Traders Activity Kit in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Hello,
    Loved the post on the Holy Traders Cards kit. My son purchased these years ago and loves them. Now my daughter is interested and we have purchased the kit. I hope that St. John Paul II etc. will be ready by now. Do you know off hand when they will be ready? Can you speak to Jim?
    It would also be nice to have ones that are oriented to boys and others oriented to girls as at certain ages kids are geared towards their interests gender wise.
    She decided after her friends having Pokemon etc. cards that this would be a better choice after we talked about the new age type cards. I am so proud!
    Thanks and God bless! Karen from Canada

    • Thanks for your comment, Karen! So glad that your daughter picked these cards too! I will forward your email to Jim…he knows better than anyone when the next series will be ready!

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