Preaching on a Pilgrimage

This  a quick tour of our 11 days in Rome, Florence, Assisi and Naples, centering around the daily homilies of Fr Scott McCaig.
Day 1 St Padre Pio Feast Day

Feast of St Padre Pio (Mass in the Chapel of the Pallotine Sisters)

Fr. Scott talked about 3 things about Rome:

  • Blood of the Martyrs in the soil! We will see many sacred spaces!
  • Lots of Treasures, but the biggest Treasure is Jesus!
  • Respond to the Communion of Saints: they will call us as brothers and sisters in Christ!

Day 2 St Peter in Chains

Mass in the Minor Basilica of St Peter in Chains

Suffering has value, united with the Love of Jesus.

Day 3 St Mary Major Mass

Mass at the Basilica of St Mary Major

To Jesus, through Mary:

Our Blessed Mother Mary can lead us quickly, directly and perfectly to Jesus.

Mary and Jesus share DNA!

We renewed our consecration to Mary.

Day 4 Duomo Florence

Mass at Duomo in Florence (Celebrating Mass at the altar with relics of St John the Baptist)

Beauty gives glory to God: let your heart be raised for higher things!

Day 5 Assisi

Mass at St Francis Basilica, Assisi

  • The focus of St Francis was love for Jesus.
  • Get rid of what’s in the way.
  • Love Jesus, above all.
  • Love must be loved in your life.

Day 6 Pope's Mass

Pope’s Mass honoring the Elderly: St Peter’s Square

The Elderly are key to the health of free society.


Day 7 St Philomena Mass

Mass at the Sanctuary of St Philomena, Avelino, Italy

  • We need to be willing to give up everything for our Faith…like the Martyrs.
  • God is more important than anything!
  • Let our sacrifice and heart be pure for the Lord.


Day 8 St Paul Outside the Walls

Mass at the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls

We need  an encounter with Jesus that changes everything and transforms us… just like St Paul!

Day 9 Feast of St Therese

Feast of St Therese: Mass in the Chapel of the Pallotine Sisters

  • We all have the graces to be saints within our vocations. (Even YOU can be a plastic saint.=)
  • We are all called (at our Baptism) to be saints; don’t hesitate.
  • It’s not the greatness of the act but the love with which the act is carried out.


Day 10 St Peter's BasilicaFeast of the Guardian Angels:

Mass at the Altar of St Thomas the Apostle, St Peter’s Basilica

  • The angels chose permanently.
  • Our whole lives are our “yes” or “no” to God. We are called to holiness: is our “yes” complete?
  • Jesus wants to reveal Himself to me.
  • Be a witness in word and action. Be obedient to His Holy Promptings!

Day 11 Pallotine Sisters

Mass at the Chapel of the Pallotine Sisters

Reflect on what we have seen and experienced in the last 11 days:

what can we take home with us and how will it impact our lives?

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