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Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO).

St Thérèse inspires us all with her child-like Faith and confident “little way” …offering sacrifices out of love for Jesus and trusting completely in Him!

Good Deed Beads group


1 Saint Thérèse carried a string of Good Deed Beads!  The 10 prayer or sacrifice beads slide and stay in place along the string, ready to help keep track of good deeds, prayers and sacrifices. When St Thérèse counted 10…she’d start sliding the beads in the other direction!

Good Deed Bead Bracelet

Here is my tutorial for a Simple Good Deed Bead Bracelet!

tiny saints good deed beads

I have also made Suede Cord Good Deed Bead Bracelets…they have a little more sophisticated look and are a tiny bit tougher to make, but adults are more apt to wear them!

You will find the Tutorial here at Equipping Catholic Families.



St Therese scan

***2015*** We just finished our Cross Stitch St Therese! We got the pattern from Do Small Things with Love…revised it a bit and made it into a little ornament!

This is Bridget’s FIRST Cross Stitch project…with a little help from her mom. Check out the full post here.


Indulge your kids’ devotion to St Thérèse! It would seem that we’ve been collecting things reminding us of this favorite saint of ours!

st therese 1

We have the St Thérèse Prayer Pillowcase, a Faith Filled Friends doll, St Thérèse Tiny Saints , a St Thérèse quote mug from Catholic to the Max (sent with Emily to her dorm!) and a number of cute little statues! St Therese My Little Felt Friends

We also just received our new

St Thérèse from My Little Felt Friends! Isn’t she awesome?




paper flowers


St Thérèse said it with flowers!

Nicknamed “The Little Flower”,  St Thérèse is often associated with flowers. She insisted that she would continue doing good works from Heaven and would send a shower of roses.  To this day, many people report the scent or unexpected receipt of roses corresponding with a special answer to prayer, when they pray for  St Thérèse’s intercession.

There are many great flower crafts online!  Flowers can be made with paper or clay…or a huge range of other materials and methods. Just google or pinterest search “flower crafts” for endless inspiration!

Feast Day St Therese


Is St Thérèse a special patron saint in YOUR family? Make the “It’s my Feast Day” special celebration plate with this template…one of 6 one-page crafts included in the new Onesies Craft Pack Craft Kit!

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See our little St Thérèse Wooden Painted Saint? Are wooden painted saints have been known to appear in Lego castles and the Fisher Price Playhouse…and Snakes and Ladders!  They make awesome little cake decorations for Patron Saint Feast Days! You’ll find our tutorial to make them at Equipping Catholic Families.

Saints linkup button 2014


Do you have your own family activities, traditions, crafts or celebrations to share for this special Feast Day? Don’t forget to add it at the Celebrate the Saints Link-Up…or pick up an idea or two for your family to enjoy!





Treasure Chest and Saint Scripts Kits

This is the another edition of Feast Day Fun…offering excerpts from

A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

and Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO).

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