The Identical, Vows, Tree, Party, Aquarium and a Pickle Bee

We’ve packed a lot into this second last week of the summer!


the identical
We were happy to have the opportunity to view this new movie coming out: The Identical. Emily and I saw it and enjoyed the music, the wholesome family message and just the right amount of early Rock ‘n Roll rebellion.


We renewed our vows with our dear friends Fr Roger and Fr Leslie…and our family (our kids plus my parents and brother).

You can read about it here: 20 Years Married  and see this special photo we recreated 20 years later!

Fr Roger 001 2014



The next morning as we began preparation for our McConkey family party, we discovered our neighbor’s tree had arrived early! Nothing like a little chain-saw action in the midst of party prep!


tree at party
The party was fun…a great excuse to get cousins together.


Adam and Malcolm

Adam, feeling way more mature than his one year old cousin.


We went to the new Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto and we had a blast!

rays ray face in the tank Steve and a shark

…and then had our Annual Pickle Bee, making 48 jars of our favorite dill pickles!

pickle bee 2014
…visit Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes


  1. WOW what a cool aquarium! Loved your post about your vow renewal – so wonderful!

  2. Congratulations! LOVE everything you shared! ( Well, except the tree that crashed the party!)

    Your 20 years later photo is amazing!! What a great idea……

    Thanks for giving us a peek into your great week!

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