CMN and CWG 2014

Team Arma Dei Equipping Catholic FamiliesLast week, we attended the Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow, which included the gathering of the Catholic Writers Guild. I’m a part of both Catholic groups and we had our own booth for our Catholic craft kits, books and cards: Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families.


Kelly Saints I.D. launch

We launched our set of 40 Kelly Saints I.D. postcards at CMN ’14. I don’t even have them showcased on the website yet!

These were a big hit for bookstores…maybe you’ll see them at your local bookstore the next time you visit!


Catholic Families

We were reunited with families we met more than 8 years ago through our Arma Dei Catholic Family Ministry. Our families…and our kids have grown!

It was so nice to see friends again…and let our kids play together!

Monica and Vicky Kids Play at the Booth

So nice to see Vicky again…from John Paul Too Catholic Books and Gifts in Florida.


Catholic Writers Guild

I managed to sneak away from my booth for a couple talks at the Catholic Writers Guild gathering…including Lisa Hendey’s inspiring talk, a Social Media talk and the Catholic Blogging panel. Happy to be a part of this group shot…and meet other CatholicMom contributors!


a hug from Fulton Fulton's Fire Card

So nice to meet Fulton and his parents Cassandra and Jay…and the family! Fulton is an amazing, courageous and charming kid and will inform and inspire kids and families, everywhere he goes!


Review Books

Pleased to receive review copies of these awesome newly-released books! I’m already reading You Did It to Me by Fr Michael Gaitley…and Real Women, Real Saints by Gina Loehr…both authors…a joy to meet!

(These are not affiliate links…they link directly to the publishers who graciously provided my review copies.)


CatholiCar JenNorton

It’s always nice to meet other vendors…especially other small family businesses on a mission like us!  Check out CatholiCar and Jen Norton Art Studio!  I hope to write more in-depth posts about all of the awesome vendors, artists and authors who dropped by my booth to talk and share their awesome Catholic products and books!


Tierneys CMN

Tierney kids + Grandad

The grand finale of our CMN conference…was joining the Tierneys (Catholic All Year) for a scrumptious shrimp cookout and watching the kids tumble around in their Big Time Toys Sumo Bumper Boppers  (Jack, Bobby and Anita…and pretty much all of the Tierney and McConkey kids), jump into the kiddy pool fully dressed (Frankie) or run cross-backyards at record speeds and race our van (Gus), smile incessantly (Lulu) and look after everyone (Betty)

We were blown away by the Tierneys’ hospitality of Grandparents Jim and Marita,  Kendra, Grandad Curtis (Pool Submarine Creator, X-Wing Bomber Maker and Zip-Line  Designer and Hoverboard Project Manager)…and the general awesomeness of Kendra, and well, ALL of the Tierneys + Grandad).

I think my kids have voted the Tierneys…coolest family EVER.

Hopefully when they come and visit us up here in Canada…we’ll get to see Jim too!

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  1. Monica! It was good to meet you in person! And your beautiful family as well. I was going to get around to writing a CMN show report on my blog, but yours is intimidating! All the best to you! David

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