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van Sorry, I’ve been away! I thought I would be able to blog during our trip to Chicago, but it was just too busy and fun! Here are some quick pictures from our trip!


St Joseph's Church with Fr Larry RichardsWe were so happy to attend St Joseph Church in Erie, PA for Mass celebrated by Fr Larry Richards. He talked about being Crazy Generous…and you can hear his homily here for July 27.


Anniversary Cheesecake in Crocker Park We stopped at Crocker Park, just past Cleveland, OH for some tasty lunch and some shopping. What a neat place to walk around in…and chase the little train ride, if you’re Adam. Look what our waiter at the Cheesecake Factory brought us to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. Thank Goodness ALL the kids helped us eat this S’more Cheesecake.


Notre DameWe tootled around Notre Dame campus and marvelled at how beautiful it is…even if there were a couple construction projects. My grandfather attended Notre Dame and it’s one of my Mom’s favorite places…even if she says it’s in West Bend…instead of South Bend. Pretty sure West Bend is an appliance. Love you, Mom!


Chicago waterwaysWe love Chicago! We were so happy to get a pretty packed day in the city after setting up our Arma Dei booth at the CMN conference. cartwheels in Millenium Park We jumped around Millenium Park, enjoying an open Youth Orchestra Rehearsal. Chicago's BeanWe took the standard photo ops in front of the Chicago bean. Navy PierWe fit right in at Navy Pier.


Chicago Skyline We took a ride on the big Ferris Wheel and took plenty of pics! Joe and Mom…and selfies. caught in the rain We got caught in the rain and ran to our van…from Navy Pier…with nary an umbrella.


  St Benedict's Monastery We visited St Benedict’s Monastery on our way home from the CMN and CWG conference. (More about that …later this week!) St Benedict’s was home to my dear friend Fr Dan Homan, who passed away 3 years ago this Saturday. The architect of the Retreat House and Chapel (Bill Wizinski) inspired me to pursue studies in Architecture…and the amazing Retreat House, built without architectural drawings…was the focus for my thesis studies. I measured and created the only architectural drawings for the building…maybe I can revise them for the beautiful dining room addition they have just added. St Benedict's ChapelI marvel at the Chapel…every time I’m there. St Benedict's Retreat House   My kids’ favorite place is the Retreat House. We still throw the kids into the pillows in honor of Fr Dan, who started the tradition. Fr Dan could throw kids in the air higher than I ever knew possible…a little frightening for the Mama…but the biggest fun ever for the kids. Although we love all the monks of St Benedict’s Monastery

…we miss you, Fr Dan!


More about CMN and our favorite Homeschooling Families…in later this week’s 7 Quick Takes!


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  1. I can’t believe you were in my city and at my church! It would have been awesome to meet you – so glad you enjoyed mass with Father Larry – he is amazing!!

  2. Erie? What brought you here??

    • We were driving through to Chicago. We’ve stayed in Erie a couple times, en route to Catholic conferences and always try to go to Mass at St Joseph’s. What a beautiful Church…and Fr Larry’s got all of our attention when he preaches. =)

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