a WINNER, Backyard Shenanigans, Weaponry, Steubenville Toronto and Date Night

 We’ve got a WINNER!

craft kits h Congrats to Martianne from Training Happy Hearts  …for winning her choice of Cathletics Craft Kit! Thanks to all those who commented on our post last week at Equipping Catholic Families and on our facebook page!

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backyard party 2

OK, so I’m still talking about how it’s been a busy couple of weeks. We launched the summer with Emily’s 18th birthday party and Grad Party in our backyard, complete with shish-kabobs, ice cream cake, watercolor decorations (she’s always the artist), a bonfire and an outdoor movie.


— 2 —

backyard refreshments

Adam has discovered many ways of enjoying our backyard.

— 3 —

mini cross bow

Joseph had his buddy Jack over for the weekend…they’ve been best buddies since kindergarten and have kept in touch since Jack moved away after grade 3. They spent a good amount of time on the computer…and also making these mini cross bows out of hair clips, popsicle sticks, string and matchsticks, with the help of a glue gun and a craft knife. No burns or cuts!  Our own tutorial coming soon.


— 4 —

DIY scabbard

Not to be outdone by the 13 year olds’ weaponry, Adam has been known to improvise when he realizes he doesn’t really own a scabbard.

— 5 —

steubenville toronto

Em and Kelly enjoyed being a part of the awesome Steubenville Toronto conference last weekend. This is the big group from our little parish!

— 6 —

swimming lessons

 It’s that time of year again for swimming lessons! It’s great that both Bridget and Adam are excited to go each day!


champagne on the balcony

This is our attempt at ‘Date Night’!  We’ve got champagne and snacks on the balcony…and if you look closely, you’ll see we even have entertainment! How do YOU manage to have time alone…in a house full of kids?

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  1. Thank you! I am so happy to have won the giveaway. It was such a tough choice deciding on a product. You have so many lovely ones! On another note, I love the crossbow and scabbard. Such fun it looks like your gang has been having. May the blessings continue.

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