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We have just launched a new series here at Equipping Catholic Families and it’s called Feast Day Fun. It’s a new commitment to present special Saints’ Feast Days, illustrated with our own Kelly Saints from the Saint Scripts Craft Kits and offering a brief bio about the Saint. We are also showcasing a few activities to celebrate each Saint’s life, taking excerpts from

 A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

…and here are 7 things we’re trying to accomplish:

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— 1 —

I’m trying to blog more consistently…not exactly by the conventional days of the week, but in keeping with the Liturgical Calendar…with a solid Saint Feast Day post, just about every week.  Celebrating the Liturgical Calendar and the lives of the Saints is close to my heart, and a key part of Equipping Catholic Families.


— 2 —


I’m revisiting A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, a book originally published in 2001, in the hands of the St John Paul II in 2002 and distributed through Catholic bookstores, schools and parishes to thousands of Catholic Families.

I am recreating many of the crafts, building up my photo gallery and gearing up for the next edition of A Treasure Chest: updated, expanded, exploding with illustrations and photos, cross referenced to activities online…and pretty much chock full of surprises.

 Saint Scripts Cards

— 3 —

I’m showing off Kelly Saints, using the awesome saint drawings from the  Saint Scripts Craft Kits …in a new special Feast Day Fun format.

St Thomas

— 4 —

I’m simultaneously working on Series THREE of the  Saint Scripts Craft Kits , commissioning Kelly to draw additional awesome Saints not included in the original 42 within Series ONE and TWO.

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— 5 —

I’m singlehandedly trying to populate the Celebrate the Saints Monthly Link-Up here at Equipping Catholic Families. I’ve been trying to get the word out, offering opportunities for everyone to link up their special Saint celebrations, crafts, activities and reflections…but I need help to spread the word!

Check it out! 

— 6 —

saints on a shelf

I’m learning more about the Saints…and making the celebration of their Feast Days a regular part of our family life!

Just as I did through some of our other Saint projects, I feel that I’m fostering love for the saints in my family…and hopefully in other families too!

— 7 —

This is an experiment.

I’m hoping that with the regular, specially formatted posts with cute illustrations, bios and celebration activities:

  • I will lure more people to subscribe by email

  • encourage their friends to do the same

  • become a trusted resource for families and teachers…that Catholics won’t want to miss out on!

craft kits h

I’m trying to give YOU something to talk about…will YOU tell your friends about my new series and encourage them to subscribe?


Leave a comment

  • about WHO you are sharing Equipping Catholic Families with (friends by email, a group on facebook)…or
  • about what FAVORITE SAINT you are looking forward to reading about in a future Feast Day Fun post…or
  • about a special way to celebrate a particular SAINT

…and I’ll treat the BEST comment to a FREE Cathletics Craft Kit PDF of YOUR choice!

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  1. Toni Haefner says:

    Thank you for providing a wonderful resource for Catholic families to grow in faith! I will share your posts on Facebook, especially with my Catholic women’s group, and I hope to see something about St. Josemaria in the future. Blessings!

  2. Well my boys would love to see St Maximilian Kolbe or St Padre Pio…. But I am secretly hoping for St Anne! Our first daughter is due in August and we were blessed to have a relic of St Anne to pray with during a difficult pregnancy. I am looking forward to St Anne’s feast day this year and excited to meet baby sister!

  3. What fun! I didn’t know about your monthly linkup, and maybe I can figure out a way to participate. We have two boys who would love to learn more about St. Michael and St. George. They are also intrigued by St. John the Baptist. I’d love to see St. Therese of Lisieux. I love the idea of celebrating more feast days as a family!

  4. St Lucy! I have an American girl doll ready to be introduced to my kids. I’m thinking meatballs, ginger snap cookies, candles and mass.

  5. My favorite saint is Saint Martha. I suppose I would celebrate her feast day by cleaning! 🙂 What a fun giveaway! I will share it on fb.

  6. Melissa says:

    There is one saint who I would love to be featured in the future and her name is St. Lydia. Her feast day is August 3rd and her story is in the Acts of the Apostles. I cannot wait to see the other saints featured! I always try to share either through email or facebook. We try to give our daughters some small treat on their saints’ feast day and to go over the story of their saint with them.

  7. Kim Laverghetta says:

    I share your posts on Facebook. I also am looking forward to using your saint postcards with my CCD class this year.

    As for the saints that I am looking forward to hearing about, those would be St. Francis de Sales, St. Kateri Tekakwitha , St. Thomas Aquina, St. Monica, and St. Patrick. I also look forward to learning about the lesser known saints.

  8. Good morning! What a clear and well-shared plan! Prayers that you will reach every goal while blessing so many with inspiration and tools. To answer your questions: I share Equipping Catholic Families with friends via links in PM and email, especially when they ask about particular saints and celebrations. I also sometimes share on FB , Pinterest, etc. I would love to see something on Saint Nina – a saint that is more popular in the Eastern rite – for selfish reasons. She is my daughter’s patron, even if we are Roman Catholic, and there is so little on her. I’d also love to see more on John the Baptist feast day idea as my Jack is named after St. John the Baptist. And, St Terese has just become the patron saint of a new Catholic homeschool group in our area, so more on her would be most welcome. As for special ways to celebrate special saints, hmmmm, we’ve been celebrating saints here for some years now, and I try to do a few more each year. Our first was Our Lady of Altagracia, who we still celebrate yearly. I wrote a bunch of ideas up about our favorite book about here here – http://traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com/2014/01/an-our-lady-of-altagracia-gift-of.html (I am adding the link b/c otherwise this comment box would extend for over a page!) Best wishes and prayers for your blogging and sharing success!!!!

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