Catechism Craft Kits

It has been a while since we mentioned some of our Catechism Craft Kits. I thought I’d mention them as we gear up for the Catholic Marketing Network Conference this week. Is YOUR favorite Catholic Book or Gift Store attending?

Leave the name of your favorite Catholic Store in the comments for your chance to win one of these Cathletics Craft Kits by PDF download.



Convert this classic family building game with Catechism!  Templates include categories and answers for all the blocks in the classic family building game.

Check out: Year of Faith Tower Tumble


This classic paper craft is packed with Catechism! 10 different Catechism-themed templates in one kit!

Check out: Catechism Catcher



Catholic Lingo Bingo presents the Vessels and Vestments in color-able Bingo templates.  Available in English and Spanish.

Check out: Catholic Lingo Bingo



The Catechism Cube  is a colorful quizzing craft with 12 Catechism themed templates to make a customized Cube…PACKED with Catechism!

Check out: Catechism Cube 


Don’t forget to leave the name of your favorite Catholic Book or Gift Store in the comments for YOUR chance to win!

Extra points if you leave the LINK to the Bookstore Website!

We need at least 15 different commenters to hold the giveaway! Tell your friends!


  1. My favorite Catholic store is Catholic Heritage Curricula.

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