Trinity Braid / Tiny Saints Anklet

Tiny Saints Anklet

With all this talk about the Trinity, I still think a braid is a great way to show the concept of the three Persons in one God.

The Trinity Sunday crafts in A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families include a Braid pin and a Braid bracelet, but with the summer upon us, I’ve been looking for a cool leather anklet.  Trinity Sunday gave me the boost I needed to go ahead and make my own!

I purchased suede cord in bulk when we made Good Deed Bead Suede Cord bracelets for Lent, Little Flowers groups, Catholic conferences and VBS.

I have tried braiding the suede cord but was concerned that it would be too bulky for a cool braided anklet. It occurred to me to soak the stiff suede cord in water and when I did, I was able to braid it tightly for just the right anklet thickness. As the cord dries, it puffs out a bit (lightens in color) but remains tightly braided.

ONE:  Measure the length of cord to fit loosely around your ankle. Cut three cords at 1.5x this length.

TWO:  Immerse the cords in water to get them entirely wet.

Trinity Anklet TutorialTHREE: While the cords are wet and pliable, proceed with the knot and braiding. Tie a half a knot tightly at one end of the three cords, using just one cord to secure the other two. Once you start tightly braiding the cords, this end will feel quite secure. I used a small clamp to secure the ends as I began to braid.  You could use a large safety pin or trap this end of the cord (at the knot) inside a closed drawer. Just be sure to braid tightly, close to the knot.

FOUR: I happened to have a Tiny Saint on hand

…and I thought it was very appropriate that it happened to be St Anthony, whose Feast Day was last Friday.  St Anthony is definitely a favorite Saint around here! I decided to add the St Anthony Tiny Saint once I had finished about a quarter of the braiding, but you can choose a midway point to add the Saint charm (or other Holy Medal).

I used a large paper clip to hold the braided portion in place while I threaded the St Anthony Tiny Saint on one of the cords. You will notice that the little metal ring has an opening. Once the Tiny Saint is threaded on the cord, spin the little ring so that the opening fits within the black loop of the Tiny Saint.  

FIVE: Continue braiding tightly after the placement of the Tiny Saint.

SIX: The suede cord can be knotted once it’s fitted to the ankle.   I chose to use the clasp that came with the Tiny Saint so that the anklet can be removed easily, but cord could be left after the knot to allow the anklet to be tied on.

Trinity Anklet
It’s a nice summer anklet…and awesome Catholic conversation piece!


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