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IMG_4743I don’t have a kindle, but I do purchase kindle versions of books because I enjoy reading them on my ipad. I like being able to crack open my ipad wherever I am and start reading from my library of book…waiting for an appointment or to pick up the kids somewhere. These are Amazon affiliate links…and I could earn literally dozens of cents if you click on them and buy one or two…thanks for your support!


These are the books I have on my ipad:



A couple of them…I actually have the paper version, but found the kindle version so handy to have for reference while we travel…or to read at night without turning on the light. I actually have The Better Part as an APP…and I like the fact that I’m able to cut and paste sections of it and paste in my ipad Journal app…and reflect, pray and write about it there!     These are books that I have in the paper version, but would like to get the kindle for.


These are my go-to spiritual reading!


These are books I’d like to get kindle versions of.

Here’s my Wishlist:

and recommended to me by my kids:

What do YOU have on your KINDLE

…and what do YOU have on your WISHLIST?


  1. Hilarious…earn dozens of cents!! Oh my goodness….I’ve earned all of 88 cents in a year and a half, as an aff, Monica! woohoo! LOL

    Seriously thanks for the great book rec! You never steer us wrong…always great tips here in the book dept!


  2. Anabelle Hazard says:

    I love your reading list, Monica esp. “He and I” and “City of God.” You can get the secular items on your wish list for free if you sign up at You tell them you have a blog, request the publisher for titles and they’ll send it to your kindle if approved.

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