Do you have a Pope Shelf?

In honor of St Anthony’s Feast Day on Friday, I was thinking about re-presenting the St Anthony Box craft from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

The idea behind this craft is to honor St Anthony as the patron of lost items. Many people say a quick prayer to St Anthony, asking for his help to find something that is lost. When the object is found, a Hail Mary is said for the souls in Purgatory and a donation is often made in St Anthony’s name, to the poor.

The St Anthony Box, as described in A Treasure Chest…is handcrafted and tiered. It offers a few little compartments to hold special little items for safe-keeping…along with a little collection box to hold donations to take to Church at the next Mass.

There are many ways to make a special box…or tailor a dollar store box…but I started rethinking having another little box kicking around!

Then I realized… Pope Shelf

…that something has evolved over the years at our house that is like the St Anthony Box.

You see, years ago in the midst of My Direct Order from the Pope and our ensuing friendship with Grandma Elizabeth, we received a few cherished treasures from the Holy Father through his relative Elizabeth, who lived in our town. We began to put every little item (that fit) on a special corner shelf in our kitchen,

…from Vatican coin, to Holy Medal, to Rosary…to important documents surrounding our trip to Rome in 2003.

As time went on, it became the collection shelf for birthday cards, immunization records, gift cards, a lone button, an earring, broken sculpey pieces, a baby tooth that missed the Tooth Fairy radar

… and any small thing we couldn’t afford to lose!

(I know it would have been super appropriate for the little statue to be St Anthony…or St John Paul II, but it’s St Padre Pio. We love him too.)

We continue to call it “the Pope Shelf” and everyone here knows just where to look!

Do YOU have a Pope Shelf?

Do YOU have any St Anthony Traditions at YOUR house?

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