A Road Trip, IHM, Corpus Christi Procession …and Graduations!

road trip

— 1 —

Last week, my Mom and I went on a road trip

and we took our first selfie together.

— 2 —

IHM 2014

Our road trip took us to IHM. It was a great show and we were so happy to see friends from past IHMs and CMN!

IHM friends

— 3 —

Adam grad

We were sad to miss Adam’s graduation from preschool.

grad group

 I hear that they sang a wonderful rendition of JK, JK.

“Start spreading the news…we’re leaving today…we want to be a part of it, JK, JK!”

— 4 —

Corpus Christi 1

We also missed the Corpus Christi Procession at our Parish.

There’s Joe on the right in his Squires shirt…

Corpus Christi with Grandpa

my Dad on the right in his Spy vs Spy sunglasses

…and Bridget in her First Communion dress, throwing rose petals.

My two older girls joined the procession as part of the youth group

…and Adam chimed on about how much he wanted to go home, in the arms of his Dad.

Here’s how the family looked before they set off (oops, Joe’s missing!)

Corpus Christi family

— 5 —


This week we attended Emily’s Graduation on her 18th birthday!

The whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to her as she accepted a special award as president of the Arts Council.

— 6 —

Hermoine Emily

She was especially happy that her Grad gown (that is hers to keep!) is black

….just like the wizarding robes at Hogwarts.

Go ahead, call her Hermoine, she likes it.

— 7 —

over the hedge

This is a big week for new beginnings. We’re hoping that our new Critter Control guy will help us relocate a bunch of raccoons and squirrels from our house.

They just aren’t this cute in real life.

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  1. Fun times! I always help throw rose pedals with the first communion kids in the procession 🙂 it’s always a fun time. I love it! But it’s always the hottest day of the year!

    • I was so sad to miss ours, but grateful for any pics i could get my hands on! Bridget has never been a flower girl before….apparently she thought she had to throw the petals upwards….walking backwards before the Blessed Sacrament!

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