Thinking Outside the Sacrament Gift Box

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It’s Sacrament Season again!

My Godson makes his First Holy Communion this Saturday and my daughter Bridget makes hers in 2 weeks!

Last year, I posted the Cool To Be Catholic Sacrament Gifts,

but I have discovered a couple more awesome products that I’d love to introduce you too!

— 1 —

Prayer Pillowcases

You can win TWO personalized Prayer Pillowcases chosen from the more than 23 different Saint/Prayer designs!

Enter the Prayer Pillowcases Giveaway by May 13!

Sacred Heart Immaculate Heart

— 2 —

The Lord’s Prayer Cube

Lord's Prayer Cube

This is a unique little prayer gift!  It’s a fascinating opening cube with multiple surfaces packed with illustrations, words and simple explanations of the Lord’s Prayer.

Watch for an upcoming review at Equipping Catholic Families!

— 3 —

In addition to the Saint Mary’s Press Catholic Children’s Bible, I have also discovered The Picture Bible and these Kingstone Comics.

Catholic Childrens Bible 2

Saint Mary’s Bible is obviously Catholic and presents the Word of God with plenty of illustrations and helpful explanations and navigational features. You can read my Review of the Saint Mary’s Press Catholic Children’s Bible…or check it out in the Sacrament Gift list from last year.

Picture Bible 2

The Picture Bible and the Kingstone Comics present Bible stories in new words. I can’t find which translation either one is based on, but maybe that’s not a big deal as the text has been converted to comic-style.  The illustration-packed comic-style is sure to get kids to crack it open and read the Bible stories!

Kingstone Comics

I will be posting a review on this awesome collection of Kingstone Comics generously given to me at the NCEA soon!

— 4 —

Saints books

Saints Books

You can check out my collection of Saint books and How to Use them and I’d like to put in a good word once again for Dragon Slayers.

Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers is a great book that presents the sins and vices as dragons and trains the eager 8-12 year old how to conquer them. It is such a cool book! It also teaches about the Dragon Slayers of Old…23 Saints and holy figures who are our mentors in the Faith! If you purchase through the Arma Dei Shoppe, we will send you a complimentary Dragon Slayers Progress Report PDF to print for all the little Dragon Slayers who live in your house.

At the same NCEA a few weeks ago, I also picked up The Book of Saints & Heroes and I’m reading it now. I love the enticing storytelling: a mix of fairy tales, legends and true heroics…and I’ll be posting a review soon!

— 5 —

Saint Mail Collection

Speaking of Saints, how about a completely unique Sacrament Gift:

a Saint Mail  subscription!

We have been receiving Saint Mail each month and the kids are always delighted by the contents of each monthly package.

Do you have collectors in your family? Thanks to Saint Mail…we have a growing collection of holy medals, Saint magnets and awesome Faith-filled surprises like the Holy Communion prayer cube. There is always an informative and authentic looking letter from the Saint of the Month along with at least one craft with all the supplies included!

We’ve been reviewing Saint Mail for Equipping Catholic Families, and we will be posting about April and May Saint Mail this weekend!

— 6 —

Thinking outside the Sacrament Gift Box

I can’t very well offer a comprehensive Sacrament Gift list without mentioning the Tiny Saints (they are always adding new saints!), Cathletics Playing Cards or our Hand in Hand with Jesus Faith Journal.

These are awesome, inspiring Faith-filled gifts that will help your First Communicant learn as they play, pray as they grow and clamor to walk in the footsteps of the Saints!

— 7 —

Are homemade gifts your thing?


Check out our Cathletics Craft Kits that you can purchase once and copy and print a number of times for truly unique Sacrament Gifts, transforming classic games to be Catholic with Catechism

(see Tower Tumble)…

Connect 4

or customizing family games, adding the Saints as players or Dream Teams!

Kelly Saints Stamps transform Connect 4, Checkers, Bingo, Guess Who? and more!

(see Kelly Saints Stamps)


JP2 Saint Scripts

Laminate a set of Saint Scripts color postcards and entice kids to learn more about the Saints!  The Saints Scripts Craft Kits offer full color postcards profiling the Saints. You can print and laminate a set of 42 Saints across both kits, hole punch them and snap on a key ring.

Homemade Sacrament gifts are unique and will be treasured!

Happy First Holy Communion Celebrations and blessings for 2014 First Communicants everywhere!

For more Quick Takes visit Conversion Diary!


  1. Wow – these are awesome! I love the Catholic Children’s Bible!

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