Stacking, Confession, Ice Cream, Communion, Weapons, Awards and Road Trip

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It’s taken until my 4th kid to actually attend a multi-school tournament in a high school gym! Bridget was very excited to compete in the Stacking Cups Competition on Saturday. She proudly wore her school t-shirt for the event, but we unfortunately had to leave before she could get her participant ribbon or medal, because we were off to the First Holy Communion Rehearsal. It was a great experience for her and she was happy to be a part of the St Brendan team.

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confession and ice cream

Later the same day, after the Stacking Competition and the First Communion Rehearsal, Bridget, Kelly and I snuck over to the Church for Confession. Since we were not staying for the 5pm Mass…we celebrated our clean souls with some ice cream at Baskin Robbins, where Emily works.

You will notice the Peek Sheet from the Reconciliation Prep Printable.

I never realized what a natural combination Confession and Ice Cream is!

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With all the activity…I kind of left my blogging hat (and camera) at home! We actually had dance photos first thing Sunday morning and then went on to prepare for the real event…her First Holy Communion! Lots of photos from her First Communion!

Bridget First Communion portrait

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On Monday I went to a very sad funeral for 25 year old Brendan. I pray for the soul of Brendan…and for the peace and comfort of (Brendan’s Mom) my brave and faith-filled cousin Genevieve and their family.

isp bow

Meanwhile, Joseph presented his Independent Study Project at School. It seems that for every project, essay or Markham Fair artwork for the last 8 years, Joseph has chosen something Medieval Times for his focus of study. For this grade 7 project, he carved his own wooden set of Medieval weapons including a sword, a club and this 6′ bow. Although I know he spoke with his teachers beforehand, when I didn’t receive a call from the school and found out later that it was the teachers playing with the weapons…I assumed that everything went ok!

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leadership awards

On Monday, we also attended the Leadership Awards for the 15 Catholic High Schools in our School Board.

This is the 4th award Emily has received as she graduates from grade 12! We’re so proud of you, Emily!

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Kelly also had a big week. She got elected to the Arts Council Executive, sang Feed the Birds acapella  (solo) and co-wrote, directed and performed in a play that made her teacher cry…all within 2 or 3 days. Way to go, Kelly!

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road trip

Meanwhile, Emily and I, along with our BFFs Hannah and Jane did a road trip to Ottawa where Emily and quite possibly Hannah will attend the University next year! We tucked in a visit with my other BFF Kerry, toured the city and the campus and just returned home.

Looking forward to some down-time…but we’ve still got some big events ahead!

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  1. Wow,

    What a fabulously busy week. I can just feel the family connections and happiness you guys have.

    What a great blog you have.

    Love it.

    Beth 🙂

  2. Love the pics of the kids at school events; those are always so fun! And the medieval weapons are great; once, one of my students brought in a sword for a Latin presentation. He had to take it up to the front office afterward, though. 🙂

  3. When I had my internship at Parliament, I lived on the U of O campus. I thought it was really nice! Plus, Ottawa is such a great city.

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