First Communion in Pictures

Bridget First Communion portrait

Our Customary Before Picture

Bridget in our Family’s First Communion Dress. I’m so happy to get this picture and she looks so happy!


Bridget First Communion our family pew

Each family had a pew at the First Communion, with┬áthe First Communicant sitting at the end at the center aisle. Our pastor deliberately assigned one pew per family…and let the crowd into the Church only 10 minutes before Mass started, to cut down on the chaos!

after Bridget First Communion
After Communion: she looks pretty smug.

Bridget First Communion with family
Bridget with our Pastor, teachers and family!
Our family photo in our backyard…

1977 Communion

Wait! Wrong picture! Our family photo in our backyard…

Bridget First Communion family photo

Thanks to everyone for this special day…Grandma for all the help and for sewing the veil! Grandpa for taking the class picture at the Church, Fr. Leslie for concelebrating the Mass as Pastor Emeritus, and giving Bridget her First Holy Communion and celebrating with us! Uncle Steve, Miss Jane and Gracie for coming to the First Communion and sharing our pew and celebrating with us afterwards! Margaret and Eric for celebrating with us at the house: our whole family loves them so much!, the parent volunteers who helped give Bridget her instruction and for Fr. Michael (our Pastor) for all his efforts to orchestrate a reverent First Holy Communion in a jam-packed Church!




  1. Congratulations! Love the family dress.

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