Celebration Time! 7 Quick Takes!

— 1 —


A week ago we were at the National Catholic Education Conference

sorry we missed the 7 Quick Takes!

— 2 —

Mike and Sue on a pilgrimage

On our way home we popped by at the Denz’ house, as Mike and Sue were just leaving for the airport to lead their Canonization Tour to Rome!

Check out the pilgrimage I’m going on with St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages in September with Chaplain Fr. Scott McCaig!

— 3 —

Pope John Paul II

On Sunday, we eagerly watched the Canonization of Saint John Paul II! I wrote about some of the reasons he is so important to us here, here and here.

Isn’t my new Saint John Paul II mug cool?  These and other Saints’ mugs will be available soon at www.CatholictotheMax.com!

— 4 —

Catholic Mom Sacrament Craft Kit Bundle small

Did you enter the Celebrate First Communion Giveaway over at Catholic Mom?

I’m sponsoring a Sacrament Craft Kit Bundle and a Hand in Hand with Jesus Faith Journal!

Last day to enter: MAY 2!

— 5 —

Upside Down Homeschooling Catholic Bundle

I’m also a contributor of one of the 19 Catholic Family Resources in this special bundle available only until May 7th!

Check out the Catholic Family Resources Bundle for this awesome package of ebooks and kits!

— 6 —

I apologize for how QUICK these 7 Quick Takes are. I’m a little overwhelmed with the birthdays, school events, tournaments, First Holy Communion, dance recital, high school events, field trips, graduation and prom …and especially how they seem to double up on the same weekends…and days!  Does anyone else feel overwhelmed?


our official ‘overwhelmed McConkey’ pic: I think I look like this right now.

— 7 —

The spring events listed in #6 (which included my Dad’s 75th birthday the day before Adam’s 4th birthday, while we were away at the NCEA conference last week!)

…are the launch to a summer of celebrations in our family: my mother-in-law’s 90th, my husband’s 50th (this Saturday!), my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary,

and all in my huband’s family: a 30th Wedding Anniversary, a 25th Wedding Anniversary and our own 20th Wedding Anniversary… 3 kids graduating from high school and a 60th birthday in the fall.

That’s a lot of celebrating! I hope it goes better than last time. screaming-Joe

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  1. HI Monica!

    WOW! and I thought I was busy! What fun with so many awesome feasts! I can’t wait to hear about your pilgrimage in Sept.! Love your pics too! I feel like the “overwhelmed” pic! So cute!

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