Kelly Saints Stamps: Converted 2 Catholic Classics

Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit cover NEW Cathletics Craft Kit released! Convert your favorite boardgames to be CATHOLIC with the Kelly Saints Stamps Converted 2 Catholic Classics Craft Kit! 


I’m sure I’ll be posting more detail about the over 15 ways to use this kit…but for now I’ll give you 7 Quick Peeks!


— 1 —

Connect 4 Saints Classic

This game is what inspired the whole craft kit!

I’m sure most people have seen this classic family game…and many people even have it at their house.  I think it’s a good strategy game…but it seems to me that it can be a little more exciting if your goal is to Connect Four SAINTS!  Once I figured out how to make it more of a quizzing game about the Saints, I decided to get the Kelly Saints involved!  Imagine my surprise when I counted 21 yellow disks and 21 red disks in the game: exactly how many Kelly Saints I have across the two Saint Scripts Craft Kits!

— 2 —

Checkers with the Saints

Once I had the templates figured out to convert those little Connect 4 game pieces, I couldn’t resist introducing the Kelly Saints to Checkers!

— 3 —

Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit

As I started making the templates, I decided to turn them into Kelly Saints Stamps and the possibilities are endless for how these little stamps can be used… as stickers on chore charts, family fridge calendars, agenda books, lunchbox notes, greeting cards and snail mail packages.  The circles can be punched out with a special hole punch for multiple types of board game pieces…AND the templates can be used for so much more!

— 4 —

Dream Team Game Pieces

There are actually SIX DIFFERENT templates with varying size circles and stamps…with instructions and suggestions for how to use them!

— 5 —

Kelly Saints Glass Pebbles

…and the uses for these Kelly Saints Stamps templates extend well beyond board games…to fridge magnets, Advent and Lent Calendar treats, DIY Kinder Surprise Easter Eggs…

— 6 —

Guess Who Kelly Saints classic converted

You know I had to include a Kelly Saints Stamps version of the Guess Who? The Saints! Template!

Do you remember the other three Guess Who? templates we have offered? Now is a great time to download the Guess Who? The Popes! template…in time for the big canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII!

Guess Who Saints Guess Who?! The Saints!

Guess Who CardinalsGuess Who?! The 116 Cardinals!

Guess Who Popes





…and Guess Who?! 24 Popes! with Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII!

— 7 —

Plunk with Kelly Saints

Do you remember Plinko?

I also included a tutorial to make Plunk! with the Saints! using the new Kelly Saints Stamps…but you can use the templates for a similar concept in Tabletop Shuffleboard!

Kelly Saints Stamps square cover

Would you like your own PDF of the Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit?

Leave an idea of how YOU would use some of these templates at your house (in the comments) for your chance to WIN the Kelly Saints Stamps Converted 2 Catholic Classics Craft Kit!

Can’t wait?

You can purchase the kit here!

Kelly Saints Stamps (Converted 2 Catholic Classics) Craft Kit

$15 US (PDF download)

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  1. Vicki G says:

    What an inspired idea! I like to incorporate things like as much as possible. I love Cory’s idea of a matching game (even my 12 year old granddaughter and I enjoy that), Tic Tac Toe, a Feast day tablescape…endless possibilities, really! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’m thinking cards for feast days and a matching game for me preschoolers!

  3. I would love to make magnets from them and put each Saint their feast day on our calendar! All these ideas sound wonderful!!

  4. I love these! I have three young children, so these would be perfect for memory games, magnets, counting/alphabet activities, decorations on homemade thank you cards…I can’t wait!

  5. Marie Phillips says:

    I just love your ideas! These would have been great to use today to decorate our “suitcases” (cereal boxes covered in brown paper) for our Lenten Retreat day. The theme was a Lenten journey for our 1st thru 3rd graders!

  6. I love the Guess Who templates! That was a favorite game for me as a kid. And the kids are always fans of stickers.

  7. Janine Hammarquist says:

    I think that in our religion class I would use them as Bingo markers and work it into my own produced Bingo cards so the Saint/Pope would have to match what is on the Bingo card, great for older grades like 4-6.

  8. These are beautiful! I would use them as game pieces in our children’s church or our scouting group. We often make our own board games, but always just pick some simple stones, coins, little erasers … It would be so neat to have a whole stack of different game pieces for bigger groups, and very fitting ones at that!
    Another fun game would be a memory game with on one card the saint, on another the name and / or background story.
    Or small laminated cards to provide for little ones visiting mass in our church to keep them occupied.
    The possibilities are endless!

  9. Elisa | blissfulE says:

    These are wonderful!! We would use them as rewards for musical accomplishments, and definitely Connect 4!

  10. I love the idea of your products, but every time I come to your website I am very confused!. It is difficult to understand what each kit is & how I use them. You need to make a simplified “shopping page” where the products are better described with the associated prices. God Bless!

  11. I’d be all over Saints Checkers in a heartbeat.

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