Jesus is Risen! (Egg Carton Jesus)

Egg Carton Jesus 2

Indeed, He is risen!

I have been looking for ways to encourage sustained celebration for the full 50 days of Easter! You may have seen my 50 DIY Kinder Surprise Eggs.

Jesus_Painted_Saint Jesus TY doll

Although I have made a couple Jesus crafts like our Wooden Painted Saint series and our TY Doll Makeovers, I decided that I needed an Egg Carton Jesus to round out my growing collection of Egg Carton Saints!   Mother Mary Jesus and JPII Egg Carton Jesus picture tutorial 2

Following the same method I used to make Mother Mary, I cut 7 egg cups from an egg carton and trimmed them for various shapes.  The head is comprised of 2 cups cut at about 3/4″, while the body pieces are cut at about 1″. It’s important that the top and bottom pieces of the head and body are cut to the same height with a straight line so that they can match up nicely for a close-to-smooth seam. I tend to trim the pieces like the hair and beard and then fit them to the head to determine additional trimming.   I glue the pieces of the head and body together and then paint all the components.

The beard and the hair fit rather snugly to the head without glue. I glued the head (with beard and hair) to the body, after I glued the red stole in place.     I painted some flat pieces of egg carton with white and then used a hole punch for the perfect little circles for the eyes. I used the flat end of a paint brush for the brown pupils. I used a toothpick dipped in black paint for the mouth.       I painted on a layer of clear varnish for the shiny, durable finish.

Watch for future posts about how our Egg Carton Jesus will help us celebrate the 50 Days of Easter!          


  1. How cute! My kids will love this. Thank you for inspiring me— a not-so-crafty-mom. We have 9 kids and eat roughly 12-18 eggs a day, so we should have plenty of egg cartons to experiment with. Blessings to you!

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