10th Day of Easter!

Are you still celebrating? It has been a busy week and a half, but I had big hopes for celebrating ALL 50 days of Easter this year!

…only 40 days left!

50 Easter Eggs smaller 50 Days of Easter Idea #1 Did you see our DIY Catholic Easter Eggs…packed with treats to be opened each day of this Season of Easter? Catholic Easter Eggs



We filled them with various treats, Wooden Painted Saints, Craft Kit chain links, Kelly Saints Stamps on Glass Pebbles…




50 Days of Easter Idea #2 We made an Easter Garden out of a Cat Grass Kit  (I didn’t know what this was either) and we’ve been monitoring the growth! Here’s what it looked like on Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Feast of St Mark and then we left for NCEA in Pittsburgh! When we returned on April 25th, it looked like this! Divine Mercy After a little trim, we noticed St John Paul II wandering around on his canonization day.   …and 50 Days of Easter Idea #3 has to do with our new Egg Carton Jesus Egg Carton Jesus We’ve been reflecting on what it must have been like for the Apostles during these days after Jesus’ extraordinary Passion, Death and Resurrection! Still processing the events of Good Friday, suddenly Jesus appears to them 12 times….until He ascends into Heaven!

Choose to make your own craft Jesus… or use a picture or statue and let him appear in a new spot everyday until the Feast of the Ascension!

Read my contributor post about it here: Celebrating Easter for 50 Days at Seton Magazine and see other Jesus figures we’ve made over the years!

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