You’ve got SAINT MAIL!


It’s always so exciting to get our monthly Saint Mail!

The package always arrives well before the beginning of the month

even up here in Canada!

I’m so glad I took a peek at the contents of the envelope because I suspected the showcased Saint would be St Joseph or St Patrick for their feast days …(I’d still have 3 weeks!), but the highlighted Saint this month is

St Katharine Drexel!

I really didn’t know much about this American Saint…so I really enjoyed the letter from her in the Saint Mail package!

I had not heard of St Katharine’s connection with Pope Leo XIII… the “Rosary Pope”.

St Katharine Adam

Adam is particularly fond of the little Mary Statue from the package.


With St Katharine’s feast day TODAY, I have to admit that we weren’t able to make the craft yet, but I know that Bridget will have fun making the flag with the fabric paint and felt included in the package.

The St Katharine fridge magnet will be a great reminder this month…and we’ve already added the little Holy Spirit medal to our Saint Mail chain!

The Family Chat questions will come in handy as we take the opportunity this Lent towards more meaningful family dinners. Did you see the Conversation Pieces craft kit we launched last month? We have conversation prompts focused on the Saints in there…but we didn’t have St Katharine in our collection…now we have some great questions to add!

The LENT Calendar is particularly timely with Ash Wednesday in two days! It gives us a different activity suggestion EVERY day of Lent and it has cute little illustrations that will grab our attention …before we try to sneak a snack from the fridge.

Hey check out our 40 Ways for 40 Days list of Lenten activities and traditions!

St Katharine envelope


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Saint Blaise Saint Mail! February 2014:  We had a lot of fun making the bird feeder and talking about the blessing of the throats! We wonder if anyone else received the little stuffed panda in honor of St Blaise’s love for animals.  The letter from St Blaise is really fun to read as well…especially in our family full of actors.

Saint Sebastian Saint Mail!  January 2014:  We cracked open our new SAINT MAIL bag and started to fill it with our new collections of treasures! The bow and arrows were really fun to make and we were excited to add our first holy medal to the little chain…and put it in the Saint Mail gift box, when one of us isn’t wearing it.  The cute fridge magnet is a great way to remind us about St Sebastian throughout the month.

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