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When we submitted A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families to a couple publishers, we were a little disappointed that the only publisher interested in working with us wanted to remove any talk about sin or Lent. Needless to say, that meeting launched us into a wonderful self-publishing adventure of Catholic conferences, Catholic Bookstore tours and old-fashioned cold-calling.  Over the years we have added many products including our line of over 30 Cathletics Craft Kits and we have been excited to offer free Catholic crafts and traditions here at Equipping Catholic Families.

While it is very rewarding to create new products to pass along the Catholic Faith, it has also been so exciting to discover other family-run businesses with their own unique Catholic products, sharing and teaching the Catholic Faith in new and irresistible ways.

We have already mentioned Tiny SaintsShining Light DollsSaint Mail, Happy SaintsCatholic Survival Kits, Jesse Tree Treasures  and Iconettes, but check out what we came across at the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in Toronto last weekend!

 Little Douglings

little douglings in a pew


— 1 —

2 little douglings booksSo far there are TWO books in the Little Douglings series, written by Carissa Douglas and starring her eight little ‘douglings’.

I Go to Jesus  and  A Gift of Myself

— 2 —

little douglings JesusI Go to Jesus shows the little douglings going to Mass, but it also describes in rhyming narration how we can talk to Jesus when people are mean or when we feel ‘out of sorts’. It fosters a real friendship with Jesus and I think it’s the perfect message for kids, to get them praying from the heart.

— 3 —

little douglings familyThe pictures are incredibly cute, illustrated by the author Carissa Douglas.

— 4 —

a Gift of MyselfThe second book in the series is called A Gift of Myself.

It explains to children the idea (introduced in the Theology of the Body by Pope John Paul II) that we can offer a gift of ourselves to others, when we do good deeds and small sacrifices for them.  It explains how each sibling is faced with the needs and demands of others, how they might be inclined to take the biggest piece of cake or insist on their choice of movie or activity, but by letting someone else have their way (and not raising a big stink about it), they are serving others and pleasing God.

— 5 —


Again… these pictures are awesome! I could stare at them all day! The likeness and personality that Carissa has captured in her kids as well as the Saints …make these books treasures!

— 6 —

little douglings inside bookThe books remind me of  some popular secular books with the rhyming throughout, but these books are CATHOLIC, foster love and reference for the True Presence in the Eucharist and introduce kids to concepts of the Theology of the Body. WOW!

— 7 —

reading little douglingsYou can purchase your copies of these

Little Douglings books at their website  and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to like the Little Douglings Facebook page to be first in line for their next book in the series!

I received I Go to Jesus as a kind gift from the Douglas family…and then I purchased A Gift of Myself…because I love these books so much! +++

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