7 Things to do with Wooden Painted Saints


Recently, I painted our family members using the same little wooden dolls I paint for the Wooden Painted Saints.  The kids have been enjoying playing with the whole collection of saints and family members and we have found them in various predicaments…in every corner of the house.

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small lineup of saints

So far, we have painted 23 Saints and 10 family members…and we have found lots of ways to play with them!

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playtime_with_the_saintsThe little wooden dolls are a perfect size to frequent our various playsets: Lego, Strawberry Shortcake, Fisher Price and Lincoln Logs.


Adam likes to host a “Meet and Greet” in his Fisher Price castle.  He also likes to see how well he can stuff all 33 saints and family members in the dungeon.

— 3 —

painted saints passion playRecently, I made a Passion Play out of an Egg Carton, starring the Wooden Painted Saints…and even a couple of our family members.  Jesus, Mother Mary and the Apostles parade through the little egg cups through the Stations of the Cross and the Sorrowful Mysteries. The other saints (and family members!) are great extras to fill out the crowd. I added 2 soldiers and Pontius Pilate to round out the scenes.

Jesus Passion Play

— 4 —

saints 2 go

A while ago, I created this little Saints-To-Go Travel Kit with an Altoid tin.  Paola at Emmanuel Books made her own Nativity version…also in an Altoid Tin. I’ll post a link as soon as I find it!

 — 5 —

Trouble with the Saints

I have also converted-to-Catholic a couple classic board games, like  Checkers, Snakes and Ladders and Trouble.  

The Wooden Painted Saints are a great size for Monopoly game pieces too!

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The Wooden Painted Saints cheer up any Feast Day celebration…

what to do with painted saints

…and offer perfect counters for practicing the piano!

— 7 —

string of eggs kinder surprise

Our latest idea is to incorporate the Wooden Painted Saints in our DIY Catholic Kinder SURPRISE eggs for the 50 days of Easter!

What would YOU do with Wooden Painted Saints?

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