7 Quick Firsts

With 5 kids from almost 18 years down to almost 4 years, we can experience a range of ‘firsts’ all in one week!

 — 1 —


Emily and I went to our first concert together: Sting and Paul Simon!


— 2 —

Emily driving

Emily is learning how to drive. No, this isn’t actually a current picture. We didn’t buy her a red convertible and we don’t send Adam in the front seat as the licensed driver (or let him sit in a moving vehicle without a booster). We also have way more snow right now!

— 3 —

billy joel

Kelly and I went to OUR first concert together: Billy Joel!  We had virtually the same seats that Emily and I had at Sting…the very back row! We had a blast!

— 4 —

Craig bought us dinner

Kelly and I went out to dinner just before the Billy Joel show at a very busy restaurant. We knew it was going to be busy and it was…I guess our waiter felt badly about how much time we waited for our food, and this is the bill he gave us! I didn’t know that this happens! Thanks Craig!

— 5 —


Although we have attempted to take Adam to the movies before…this is the first time he sat mesmerized on the little booster tub at the movie theatre, eating his popcorn and watching the movie…for the whole movie. We saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Although I was still pretty tired from some escapades the night before (see #3) the movie was cute and my brother and I enjoyed it with Adam and Bridget.

— 6 —

*picture removed*

Not exactly a ‘first’, but I didn’t want to exclude Joseph…

— 7 —

Bridget small

Also not exactly a ‘first’ but I’ve been crafting this March Break! Here is our family in painted pegs, complete with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Steve! Adam likes to play with them and let them mingle with our Wooden Painted Saints. More about that soon!



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  1. I love the freckles on the saint dolls. So fun!

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