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Forgive the short takes this week!

Looks like the flu has hit our house!

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This week I launched my Inspired Dinners Craft Kit Giveaway.

Enter today for your chance to win a CRAFT KIT BUNDLE

…I’ve got a Christian one and a Catholic one: YOU choose!

Giveaway ends February 23!

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CBN Lent LinkUp

 Planning is underway for the 2nd Annual Keep Love in LENT Link-Up

hosted by the Catholic Bloggers Network.

You will find lots of great posts from our Catholic Bloggers!

Sign up if you’d like to join in…and hope to see you there!

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Gabriel 2005

We’ve had 3 miscarriages over the years.

The first one was 11 years ago this week, February 19.

Read about Miscarriage, Mass and Music on my little blog I Blog Jesus

and read these comforting words from Madeline to another mother experiencing the loss of her baby.

They comfort me too.

I know you had dreams of holding him close, seeing his smile, holding his little hand as he took his first steps, sitting him on your lap and telling him all the wonderful things about God, but He had a different plan. I hope you find comfort, one day, in knowing that you have a beautiful, perfect little boy in heaven who is now taking care of your family until you are able to join him, and that God instead, has your little boy on His lap and is telling him the wonderful things about you.

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Another chance to win a Craft Kit at the Homeschool Mother’s Soiree!

Family Fun Conversation Pieces

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Gearing up for LENT!

What are you going to do (or not do) for LENT this year?

— 6 —

a view from my desk 2

A view from my desk.

No time to hide the clutter when this little guy is posing like that.

— 7 —

Saint Scripts Cards

I’ve got another project planned using the Saint Scripts Craft Kits

and these Saints drawn by 15 year old Kelly.

Stay tuned…you will be able to use the SAME Craft Kits

for a whole new project!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your losses. We just experienced our second (our first was only four months ago) and it’s incredibly difficult and in many ways, very isolating. I don’t really find things that mention miscarriage as God’s plan to be comforting because I don’t think they were His plan, but rather He allowed them to happen, but we all find comfort from different things.

  2. Those words from “Madeline” are wonderfully poignant; are they printed up somewhere, or is she someone you know? I’d like to pass them along to a friend. Thanks for sharing!

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