7 Quick Takes on Catholic Saints!

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This week I have been a little preoccupied with a few projects, including the Catholic Bloggers Facebook page and group, getting a grip on Guest Posting and Giveaways I’m participating in …and a brand new Cathletics Craft Kit that will be launched next week! I decided to approach the 7QT a little differently this week.

I have always loved the saints! I have been intrigued as I learn more about these holy mentors and I’ve been awed and inspired by their role in teaching and modelling the Catholic Faith.

As much as I love the classic images we all recognize of the most popular Saints, I’m fascinated with the infinite approaches to portraying them. While the traditional holy cards have indeed shaped our impressions, there are many new artists inspired by the Saints and offering their stylized vision of the saints…and new ways to appeal to our sophisticated taste.

— 1 —

Portrait of Saints

These Portraits of Saints are beautiful! They seem heavily influenced by the traditional images,

but beautifully articulated with realist detail and human-like-us character.

— 2 —


I’ve recently been BLOWN AWAY

by the artwork of Iconettes

These are 2″x 3″ handpainted canvases…

and the collection seems to grow every day!

Here is Iconettes on Facebook…I hope you LIKE them too!

— 3 —

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of

Happy Saints and Tiny Saints.

My friends from both of these companies have been so generous, allowing me to work with them and feature crafts with their adorable, child-magnet depictions of the saints.

Happy Saints Bingo

See Happy Saints Bingo and Happy Saints Valentines

 and Happy Saints Tokens

Tiny Saints

See Fun Ways to Show off your Tiny Saints

and the Tiny Saints Craft Kit!

— 4 —

Shining light dolls

There are the Shining Light Dolls and the corresponding

Shining Light Dolls Saints Cards.

Incidentally, I have received these new laminated prayer cards and they are really cute!

Heavenly Friends

I also have the Heavenly Friends Saint Cards

which are also AWESOME and durable and include prayers from the Saints.

I love how different the styles of the Saints are

…and how much kids love them!

— 5 —

painted saintsIt’s true that I can’t resist making my own Saints

like the Wooden Painted Saints

saints 2 go

…and finding unique ways to introduce them into every day life!

— 6 —

TY Saints

I have also transformed TY Dolls into Saints

and even egg cartons into Saints

Egg Carton Saint Mother Mary 4

Egg Carton Saints

— 7 —

and YOU KNOW I have to mention my daughter Kelly’s Saints!

In addition to Saint Scripts (ONE and TWO)

and the Communion of Saints Perpetual Calendar,

we are offering our own

full color SAINTS Valentines

Saints Valentines cover

(16 unique cards in this kit for you to print at home or Staples!)

as a FREEBIE to our subscribers!

Get the SAINTS Valentine FREEBIE

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  1. I love Tiny Saints and Happy Saints! Great collection of saint gear here, especially the art!

  2. Love those portraits!!!

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