How are you jumping into 2014?

January_square Need some ideas to jump into the new year 2014?

1.  Did you pick a Patron Saint for the New Year? I used the Saint Generator at Conversion Diary  and received St Raymon Nonnatus…and I received St John Gualbert in the 2014 Patron Saint for the Year Devotion at A Catholic Life.

Just a little hint: write the Saint’s name down!

I had to search through a FB group to remind myself who I received!


Saint_Scripts_ONE2.  How about learning about a different saint each month?

Check out Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kits for easy reference on 42 Saints (across the 2 kits).

It can be a research project…but the kits also come with illustrated postcards with all the key info of each saint…for immediate study and quizzing!

feb to apr 2

3. Do you have a Family Binder? Use the Monthly Saint Divider Pages to help organize and focus! 

Free Monthly Saint Divider Pages!  Add to Cart

Family Binder:  I have seen many versions of this on Pinterest…including schedules, pockets for important school newsletters, calendars with appointments recorded, pockets for receipts, appointment cards, coupons, Christmas cards to respond to!, important phone number listings including the kids’ friends’ numbers!

If you’d like month-in-view templates with the key Saints, Feast Days and Monthly Devotions, the Communion of Saints Calendar is already formatted for 8.5″x11″.  It’s a Perpetual Calendar…so as you write in your favorite Saint celebrations and reminders, Sacrament anniversaries and birthdays…you can use it year after year!

Your Holy Card Collection can be added to the Family Binder too, inserting the cards into plastic 3×3 collector card sleeves…and the Monthly Saint Divider Pages offer a nice way of organizing them!

promo cover 2We actually also have a Catholic Blog Planner…currently available for FREE! It’s a black and white 2014 Calendar with Saint days and Monthly Devotions and Liturgical Season reminders…that you will want to write on for appointments and deadlines. It’s kind of tailored to bloggers, but you might be able to modify it for your own purposes! If I get enough interest…I may make it a little more generic for non-bloggers. Leave me a comment and make sure that you are subscribed for updates!

4.  I’m looking for good spiritual reading to help me refocus prayer.  I may return to The Better Part (available as a book, ebook and app).

I find it helpful to read Scripture and write my reflection on it.  It often turns into a written prayer.  Prayer journaling has always helped me to focus.  I like how deliberate and tangible it is…and it’s pretty neat to read entries weeks or years later, look for promptings from the Holy Spirit and reflecting on how the Lord has responded to my prayer…especially prayer from the heart.

5. I’m thinking I may have to resort to checklists…to get back into the groove! Kids, house, appointments, blogging, prayer…and maybe even exercise. More about checklists later!

What are you planning to help you jump into 2014?



  1. That saint generator at Conversion Diary is great – I got St. Margaret of Hungary – an early Dominican. She is very creative to have made that – I could not do that. 🙂 I will check out the other one that you recommended. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. For your inspirational reading list….I just finished the Exhortation by Pope Francis. I cannot recommend anything more highly than this for the reading list of the New Year!! It was an amazing read and very inspiring!!

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