Catholic Lingo Bingo: Vessels and Vestments!

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Looking for a fun way to teach the Vessels and Vestments used at Mass? This is a great Cathletics Craft Kit  for First Communion prep…and generally, for primary and middle school kids.
Do you have games or activities at Altar Server events? This is an easy way to help them learn the proper names for everything!
The Catholic Lingo Bingo is now available
in English AND Spanish!
We have had many requests to translate our products
and THANKS to my friend Xhonane of Familia Católica,
we our releasing our FIRST Spanish Cathletics Craft Kit:
Catholic Lingo Bingo! Cathletics Craft KitTM
Monica McConkey (Author)
Product Details
1 color cover, 16 black and white templates including instructions, master set and 15  (ready-to-color 8.5″x11″) bingo cards, permission to photocopy for single household or single class term use, all contained in a clear plastic11″x 9″ envelope.
This kit includes a Bingo game, teaching the Vessels, Vestments and Sacramentals.
The templates can also be used for a matching game.
Publisher:  Arma Dei (2011)
Language:  English
Product Dimension:  9″x11″
Printed Weight: 120g
Purchase NOW and receive INSTANTLY to print at home!
Catholic Lingo Bingo   Downloadable PDF (English): $13 U.S.
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Catholic Lingo BingoTM: Paper Version (English) $15 U.S. plus shipping: Purchase at the Arma Dei Shoppe here
The Reverence & Awe Cards are sold separately!

Purchase the Reverence & Awe Cards at the Arma Dei Shoppe here

Lingo Bingo CatólicoTM  (Versión en Español)
Downloadable PDF (Spanish):
$13 U.S.  $10 (limited time!)
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Catholic Lingo BingoTM: Paper Version (Spanish) $15 U.S. plus shipping: Purchase at the Arma Dei Shoppe here


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Check out my friend Xhonane’s
REVIEW of Lingo Bingo Católico at Familia Católica,
Versión electrónica en Español


  1. Debbie brown says:

    hello. i am currently teaching first communion/ confirmation. i love everything i see on your websites, but have not figured out how to purchase some items
    is there a phone number that i could call and order over the phome?

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