7 Quick Takes: Snow Day Edition!

— 1 —

small DIY Catapult

We had a SNOW DAY on Tuesday!

I put together a collection of Catholic Crafts to make with materials you most likely already have at home!

We have used these catapults at TWO Medieval Birthday parties…flinging mini-marshmallows into cardboard castles.

We have a couple ideas of how to make this a Catholic activity…but mainly, it’s just plain fun.

— 2 —

Egg Carton Saint Mary 3

One of the other crafts in the Snow Day Collection was to make little people out of egg cartons.  I have officially started my series of Egg Carton Saints, beginning with Mary, Mother of God.  There are more to come…as soon as I get my hands on more egg cartons!

— 3 —

Sock Baby Jesus

…yet another easy craft from the Snow Day Collection : Sock Baby Jesus!

We will be posting a special tutorial to make Sock Baby Jesus, along with a cool crib to place him in…on Saturday! Stay tuned!


— 4 —

cool 2b Catholic

This is my little helper and #1 Sock Baby Jesus FAN Adam in his Cool 2B Catholic Crayon Batik shirt we made in 2012. It’s still a little big for him.

— 5 —


Last call for 2014 Catholic calendar and Catholic Planner help:

How are YOU jumping into 2014?!

We’ve got I Spy…the Saints Pages for each month too!

— 6 —

 Playtime with the Saints

Playtime with the Wooden Painted Saints!

Thought I’d squeeze this post in

… as it was published before

I started doing 7 Quick Takes!

We’ve got lots of excuses reasons to make Wooden Painted Saints!

— 7 —



Emily’s latest painting: Fear of Heights!

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