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I have decided to combine Small Success Thursdays with 7 Quick Takes Friday. I really like BOTH communities of bloggers and enjoy taking part in both link-ups, but want to spare my subscribers from back-to-back, somewhat repetitive posts.

I propose….Small Success IN  7 Quick Takes:

— 1 —

Small Success!

small Keep Christ in Christmas

The 2nd Annual Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up  went live with only a few hiccups by Monday December 2! We have 50 Catholic Blogs linked up offering reflections, crafts and traditions about Advent…and keeping Christ in Christmas! The list of links is at the end of my Keep Christ in Christmas post. Happy Reading!


— 2 —

Small Success!

Kelly Nativity 2013

We have entered artwork from TWO of our kids into the   Cross Catholic Outreach Art Show.  I am co-hosting this wonderful event and wrote about it here:

(link tool isn’t working!)

All kids are invited to submit electronic scans of their original artwork throughout the month of December and all of our friends and family are invited to donate in honor of the artwork for hungry kids in Honduras.

— 3 —

Small Success!

St Nicholas at Amazon

I’m getting this new St Nicholas Shining Light Doll!

(again…link tool isn’t working!)

I’m hoping to write more about our St Nicholas festivities growing up…with the soft red glow (red tissue over the lights) on the table set full of treats,  little pipe cleaner Krampuses and a handcrafted St Nicholas, made by my Mom.  There were little chocolate St Nicholases, favorite homemade cookies and fancy food for dinner. We listened to the stories of my dad being visited by real-life (door-to-door) St Nicholas and the chain-dragging Krampus (yes, a devil! scary!). My dad knew that he had to have his Catechism answers ready, for fear that the Krampus would take him away.


— 4 —


I showcased some homemade nativities, including the sewn one I made for my husband before we had kids, the painted Saint Nativity ornament I made for the kids’ new school last year and the awesome Knitted Nativity that my Aunt made for us.

— 5 —

knitted nativity

…because the Knitted Nativity is just that awesome.

— 6 —


My Mom got a new knee this week.

We’re picking her up from the hospital today!

— 7 —

Adam constructing

While visiting Grandma at the hospital, I made the mistake of telling Adam not to push the buttons on Grandma’s hospital bed because it would make her ‘fly out of the bed’.

He asked if the words on the button (“push”) said “fly”.

Boy, did he ever want to push those buttons.


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  1. Great job putting the KCIC linkup together. You are so patient.
    I wish those Saint Dolls were wooden. Sigh. Then I think I’d buy them all.

  2. Those sound like fantastic St. Nicholas festivities! Speaking of Krampus, Enchanted Conversation magazine ( has a contest every year for Krampus stories.

  3. Great list! Thanks for putting together Keep Christ in Christmas again! You have done a fantastic job!
    Hope you mom recovers quickly.

  4. Cool idea! May have to do that for the very same reasons. 🙂

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