Small Success IN 7 Quick Takes! Dec 12/13


I have decided to combine Small Success Thursdays with 7 Quick Takes Friday. I really like BOTH communities of bloggers and enjoy taking part in both link-ups, but want to spare my subscribers from back-to-back, somewhat repetitive posts.

I propose….

Small Success IN 7 Quick Takes:

— 1 —

Small Success!

small Keep Christ in Christmas

The 2nd Annual Keep Christ in Christmas Blog Link-Up and Follow Frenzy was a big success! We had over 50 Catholic Blogs linked up offering reflections, crafts and traditions about Advent…and keeping Christ in Christmas and many of the Catholic Bloggers participated in the Follow Frenzy, visiting, reading and leaving meaningful comments for at least 25 of the Catholic posts!


— 2 —

Small Success!

12 Days

I finally posted about the beautiful Christmas sets I received from

Jesse Tree Treasures:

the O Antiphons, the Christmas Symbols and the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments

These are beautiful hand-crafted wooden pieces…and we hope to transform our Handprint Jesse Tree throughout the remainder of Advent, and then the Christmas season!


— 3 —

Small Success!

ornaments cover

I also finally showcased this special version of The 12 Days of Christmas: the song, the book and the 4-in-1 craft kit called “Our Father Gave to Us the 12 Days of Christmas”

The song is available on iTunes, beautifully sung by “The Carpool Choir”.  The book is beautifully illustrated while it explains the Catholic/Christian meanings behind the song. The packed craft kit offers original artwork for 2 kinds of Christmas ornaments, gift tags and votive candles.

You can buy the song, book or craft kit at the Live the 12 Days Shop!

This is a wonderful initiative encouraging us to celebrate the full 12 DAYS of Christmas instead of rushing through the hectic, commercialized 12 hours of Christmas on Christmas Day.

Why not live the 12 days THIS Christmas?


— 4 —

Small Success!

Jesse Tree

I managed to convince my Dad to let me set up a Christmas tree in my parents’ living room, even though my Dad was dead-set against it …right up until the moment it was done.

My Mom just had knee surgery last week…and although the rest of us knew that staring at a Christmas tree would lift her spirits, my Dad thought the chaos and work it implied would outweigh the joy.

In fact…my Mom is doing fine, but my Dad could use a little spirit-raising.

It’s a simpler tree than usual…and the lights aren’t really showing in this picture with the light streaming in the window, but I think both my Mom and my Dad will enjoy this, especially when it’s all lit up at night!

(I also included a written contract stating that I would return to take down the tree…I think that sweetened the deal.)


— 5 —


Part of the reason I was able to convince my Dad to let me set up the tree…included the fact that I was not going to fish through their ornaments and lights in the crawl space or expect my Dad to.  I participated in a Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange this year…and I’m afraid to admit that today (December 12) was the first chance I took to look at all the ornaments!  They are awesome!  There are 29 handcrafted ornaments from crafters all over North America… and I was able to photograph each one before I placed it on the tree.

Thanks to Michelle at Liturgical Time for organizing the exchange…and watch for some upcoming posts showcasing the collection!

— 6 —

Fr Tom Mohan

We said goodbye to the Spiritual Patriarch of the Mohan and McConkey families this week.

Fr Tom Mohan died on Sunday December 8, 2013.

He made an incredible contribution to the Catholic communities of Toronto and Calgary as a teacher, principal and priest of the Basilian Order.

He also married us, baptized many of our kids, along with many of his nieces and nephews and celebrated many family Masses, explaining the symbols and intricacies of the Mass with contagious love for the Catholic Church.

We will miss you, Fr Tom.

Rest in peace and enjoy the Banquet up there!

— 7 —

 Art Show Outreach

It’s not too late to donate…

to the Cross Catholic Outreach Art ShowThe Art of Giving is an excellent opportunity to donate to the poor in Honduras. Kids are invited to donate their artwork via digital scans, and friends and family can donate, sponsoring their favorite artists. I have included more information about it here and you can submit your kids’ artwork and/or make your donations here.


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