7 Quicker Takes Friday

I managed to miss Small Success Thursday and I’m skipping to 7 Quicker Takes, and posting late.

— 1 —

3 Kings PRG

I finally finished my 3 Kings last weekend…but haven’t had the time to launch them on their journey around the house. I think I may need to go old school and begin on Christmas Day, no longer trying to convert the Elf on the Shelf into Elves on the Shelves…or at least resort to differently timing.

We’ve got until Epiphany, right?

Anyway, here is how I made My 3 Kings with felt, pipe cleaners, magnets and fancy pants ribbon.

There is even access to my FREE Felt Friends Tutorial, in case you want to make your own!

Felt Friends

— 2 —


I managed to document all 28 Jesse Tree ornaments from the Ornament Swap I participated in this year. I think I have posted about 21 of the ornaments so far…and the final release will happen on Sunday for the last couple days of Advent. Check out the ornaments from the First Week of Advent, the Second Week of Advent and the Third Week of Advent

a3  a9   c20

— 3 —

No words to describe my little guy’s performance at his first ever Christmas concert…I think HE speaks for himself!

— 4 —

Working on a BRAND NEW Cathletics Craft Kit…that I think will be awesome for a LAST MINUTE Family Christmas Gift for YOU and for ME!

I hope that you are either subscribed to Equipping Catholic Families or that you LIKE our Facebook Page for Equipping Catholic Families …so that you’ll know when I finally launch this new craft kit in the

next couple of DAYS!

— 5 —

St Nicholas at Amazon

Received my NEW St Nicholas from Shining Light Dolls!

I’m already planning next year’s December 6th!

— 6 —

Has anyone read The Shack? I don’t really have time to read fiction these days…but I have been sneaking it in before lights out. So far, it’s very well written and is rocking my world, challenging my relationship with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

— 7 —

Jesse Tree

Finally placed our multiple Nativities…and we’re decorating that

live-yesterday Christmas Tree.

(The picture is the Jesse Tree I decorated for my parents who weren’t going to have a tree this year because of Mom’s recent knee operation.)

God bless you this Christmas!

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