not too early to plan your Jesse Tree!

I have to admit…I have never created, assembled or purchased a Jesse Tree set of ornaments, but I know that it’s an awesome tradition to refocus Advent away from the Santa epidemic. Santa is nice and all, but we prefer to keep the focus on the birth of Jesus… and keep Him the reason we exchange presents.

This year however…is going to be the Year of the Jesse Tree at our house!

Ornament Exchange

I participated in my first ever Jesse Tree Ornament Swap, graciously organized by Michelle at Liturgical Time: Walking the Seasons. I took advantage of a day when our internet was down and managed to get all 30 ornaments finished! Can you guess which ornament I was able to get?

At the last minute, I created little labels for the back, with the name of the ornament, Scriptural references plus my name and a little plug for Equipping Catholic Families.  It will be exciting to receive the set of 30 hand-crafted ornaments, from craft friends all across North America! I’m sure I’ll post another  picture on that day.


array of TreasuresAround the same time, I was approached by Angie and Jane of Jesse Tree Treasures.  They graciously offered to send me sample sets of all the wonderful treasures they make…including their 28 piece Jesse Tree ornament set! 

They have a number of awesome hand-crafted sets to celebrate the various Seasons, and they generously sent me SEVEN different sets:   I can’t wait to showcase these Jesse Tree Treasures in anticipation of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time!


Jesse Tree set

I can’t believe how beautiful the 28 piece Jesse Tree ornament set  is! Each piece is a beautiful, full color print of their original, detailed painting, secured to a smooth wooden disk.   The set comes with string to hang the ornaments and printed guide pages, with the scriptural references to look up and a simple, focused prayer for each of the 28 Jesse Tree pictures.

This is an heirloom that you will be proud to bring out every Advent…and someday pass on to your kids’ families.

With Advent starting on December 1st this year, we even have a couple extra ornaments to choose from!

It will be a joy to use this set this Advent, counting down to the birth of Jesus. I think I may even make my own custom banner to hold these beautiful art pieces, although you could hang them on your Christmas tree…or even a cut branch placed in water on your dining room table. They would also work nicely in your Advent Calendar, if the pockets or pegs can hold the 2.25″ wooden disks.

Watch for reviews of other Jesse Tree Treasures over the next few weeks, but go check out the Jesse Tree Treasures Etsy Shop right now for a sneak peek at these Jesse Tree heirlooms…and a number of awesome hand-crafted sets to delve into the Liturgical Calendar.

Like Jesse Tree Treasures on facebook and ENTER the giveaway on Equipping Catholic Families here:



  1. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite story is about Joseph and his coat!

  2. Don’t forget to check out the Holy Heroes Jesse Tree DVD: not only included the ornaments, but also daily videos (done by kids, for kids) that takes you through the Scriopture references. Very helpful when Mom gets bogged down–and the kids not only can pop the DVD into the player themselves, they will look forward to it every day! On pre-order sale right now

  3. I’m thinking JT also!!!

    But mine are not as lovely as yours. You have done a beautiful job!

    Funny I should post on the JT trad as well today!

    God bless, friend! Thx for sharing!

  4. Eva Lyons says:

    A couple more ideas, both for kids and adults: 1.) The web is full of beautiful Jesse Tree images, especially from the Middle Ages when it was first used to teach the story of the genealogy of Jesus. Try looking for similar elements in the different works of art (little ones can always find the Blessed Mother with Baby Jesus at the top). Make one of the images your computer background for Advent. And be prepared, in most works of art the tree is literally growing out of Jesse, reclined at the bottom! 2.) Another idea for a Jesse tree in your home is to put a magnet on the back of each ornament and put it on your fridge, or to draw a tree with washable marker on a sliding door or picture window, and tape paper Jesse tree ornaments onto it.

  5. I have never done a jesse tree before. What are good ages for it?

    • I’m kinda new at the Jesse Tree as well, but I suspect that my kids are the perfect audience…and they span from 3 to 17. I think it’s a great tradition to start in the home or the classroom…and these brightly colored images will appeal to all ages. Each story can be geared to the child’s age level; older kids can read the actual passage from the Bible… and hanging the ornaments each day will help us all delve into the Season of Advent.

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