7 Quick Takes 3.0

— 1 —

Jesse Tree 4

After 17 years of raising Catholic kids, I finally made our first Jesse Tree!

After receiving this beautiful set of Jesse Tree ornaments from Jesse Tree Treasures, I needed a worthy, hand-crafted tree to launch our new (to us) Advent tradition.

I’ll be posting a more descriptive tutorial in a couple days, but I think you can tell from the picture that I traced our hands to make the felt tree. It seems to have captured the interest of all the kids and I’m looking forward to running with the Jesse Tree tradition this Advent!

— 2 —

screaming Joe

I resurrected one of my favorite blog posts…previously published at CatholicMom.com.

Any Moms out there who can relate to What No Mom Wants to Hear ?

— 3 —

Frankie award

I’ve been nominated for a 2013 Frankie Award for a post on my other blog, I Blog Jesus:

Check out For Praying Out Loud and then vote for me read all the entries over at Catholic Spirituality Blogs!

…and if you’d like you could vote for ME! Thanks!


— 4 —

Rolodex St Cecilia

November 22 is the Feast Day of St Cecilia, the patron saint of music!

She’s in Series TWO of my new Saint Scripts Cathletics Craft Kit.

I posted about the Saint Scripts Rolodex this week: a retro way to use the new Saint focused craft kits!

— 5 —

Em Balloons painting

Em, painting

— 6 —


Em’s painting

— 7 —


So, I’m taking a chick day with my friend Monique, my BFF since gr 6 science fair.

Actually, we’re going away OVERNIGHT! across the border to Buffalo, NY to see Bryan Adams.  For those of you who don’t know who Bryan is…he’s a Canadian rockstar, who was probably only about 10 in the Summer of ’69, but had a whole lot of hits like Heaven, Run to You, Cuts Like a Knife and The Best Was Yet to Come.  He was our Dreamboat, back when we were in grade NINE.  Yes, Monique and I camped out OVERNIGHT for GENERAL ADMISSION tickets, because we were his #1 fans.

Packed my concert booklets from ’87, ’89 and ’92 (check), got my Bryan Adams playlist with songs from even his first album that no one else talks about (check), passport (check), tickets (check) and hotel reservations CHECK!).

Great husbands holding the forts at home (CHECK!)

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  1. Congratulations on your nomination!!! How exciting and so well deserved!

    Enjoy the concert…sounds wonderful…AND I can’t wait to see your JT tutorial as well….looking fwd to it.

    Take care and enjoy the weekend!

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