Shining Light Dolls: GIVEAWAY!

Shining Light Dolls

So, the Holy Father is consecrating the WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Sunday October 13, promoting devotion to our Lady. I thought that this was as good a time as any to host my Shining Light Dolls Giveaway, graciously made possible by my new friend Chantal!

FOUR winners are going to win TWO Shining Light Dolls!!


Aren’t these Shining Light Dolls  awesome?

They are 3.5″ tall and made of rotocast vinyl: safe, durable, unbreakable and no removable parts!

They are perfect for inspiring devotion to Our Lady in our kids with their little praying faces and posture and contemporary styling that still manages to reflect the traditional images of the Blessed Mother.

“I wanted the dolls to be in line with contemporary graphic art styles, so that kids (and adults) could look at them and feel like they “fit” into the current world.  It was really important to me to keep the dolls true to the traditional images (same outfits, same symbols, same colors) but make them modern, colorful and fresh so they’d be appealing to kid’s taste. “

shining light dolls giveaway at equipping catholic familiesThey are safe for babies, but really appropriate for all ages. Chantal keeps discovering new ways that the dolls are enjoyed as wonderful tools for evangelization:

“People are putting their favorite doll on their desk at work as a cheerful reminder of their faith and a great non-threatening way to evangelize coworkers; giving them to children to help them learn about the different Marian apparitions; and sending them to people in hospitals as an easy (small, unbreakable and easy to clean) and affordable way to let them know they are in their prayers.   And because the dolls are part of a series, we also have people from all age groups who are simply collecting them and keeping them in their homes.”

There are currently 11 Shining Light Dolls in the Virgin Mary Around the World Series

“… it was really important to me to emphasize the global nature of Catholicism- that Christ came for the world, and so Our Lady and the Saints come from every corner of the earth.”


GuadalupeEach Shining Light Doll comes in a clear plastic box with a nicely printed card with a prayer and biography and Feastday and Patroness information.

The Hail Mary and the Memorare are printed on the back for easy reference.


shining light dolls giveaway

I know that my kids and Godchildren and many of my friends and family will enjoy collecting these little figures.  I suspect that they will hang out in our dollhouse, overlook my kids’ bedrooms, visit our family prayer altar, and decorate our dinner table on special Feastdays. They may even find themselves sitting on a chocolate cake from time to time….good thing they are safe and easy to  lick clean.

The SAINTS are coming as Shining Light Dolls too! Check out this awesome Mary and the Saints Printable!

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for your choice of TWO Shining Light Dolls to WIN! There will be FOUR WINNERS…and there are lots of ways to enter!

Contest closes at midnight on Saturday October 18 at midnight!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. My favorite is Guadalupe. Because I have a deep, though not ancestral, love for Mexico

  2. I love ALL of them!!

    • Me too! They are all adorable. I just purchased Our Lady Of Czestochowa and Our Lady of Guadalupe for a gift for our goddaughter, but when my girls saw them, now they want them too! I can’t wait to find Our Lady of Kibeho as I just finished reading about her.

  3. Our Lady of Fatima.

  4. Our Lady of Knock

  5. Our Lady of Guadalupe. These dolls are really sweet. My two year old is in love with the ones she has and cries anytime she can’t find her favorite “Mary baby.” She takes her everywhere and even sleeps with her.

  6. These dolls are adorable! My daughters would love to win Our Lady of Czestochowa and Our Lady of Lourdes. Thank you for hosting!

  7. Our Lady of Fatima

  8. Elise Schlipman says:

    Love the Our Lady of Guadalupe!

  9. Oh how sweet! I have never seen these before! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Oh How sweet! I have never seen these before –thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I love the image of the Sacred Hearts. My favorite doll is Our Lady of Fatima. This is such a great giveaway. A lot of fun. Thanks, Vicki

  12. I want them all. But I especially love Our Lady of Knock and Mother Teresa.
    Thanks for hosting this.

  13. I love them all and any of them would be fun for my grandchildren.

  14. We love Our Lady of Guadalupe! I even painted my husband a picture of her for Christmas one year. My girls would love these! Who am I kidding, my 2 yr old son would too!

  15. Hmm, my comment didn’t take the first time. Sorry if it’s duplicated. Our Lady of Guadalupe is our fav over here!

  16. So adorable!

  17. These dolls are so very precious~ just like the love our Lady has for us! I love the idea of putting them on a desk at work, but I’d probably give them to a couple of little girls who are entering The Church in a few weeks!

  18. Love Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Czestochowa!

  19. I love the OLO Guadalupe doll!

  20. They’re so cute! Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  21. It would be really hard to pick! I love them all! But I think Our lady of Fatima would be a favorite. Thank you for offering these, they are wonderful!

  22. These are adorable, I love them!

  23. I would love to win the Our Lady of Czestochowa, as my family I are were privileged to visit her shrine when we were living in Europe, and she is also shown holding the baby Jesus, and I am five weeks along with our newest little blessing (#6, plus two in Heaven). Being an older mom with two pregnancy losses already, I am dearly hoping to hold this little one in my arms as well as my heart!

  24. My favorite is Our Lady of Fatima. I love these dolls, they’re so cute! My daughter would love any of them. I can’t wait for the saints to come out!

  25. My favorite is Our Lady of Lourdes. I loved reading the story of Bernadette when I was a little girl.

  26. My favorite devotion to Mary is the “Memorare”. I love “Our Lady of Guadalupe” because she is the patroness of the Americas, my husband shares his birthday on her feast day, and she is the perfect intercessor for the Pro-life movement!

  27. Robin High says:

    My favorite is definitely Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mexican missionary here. 🙂

  28. These are adorable! I love the Virgen of Guadalupe.

  29. Our Lady of Lourdes

  30. JMJ

    Our Lady under ALL titles is fabulous to me. I have, however, a new devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. I didn’t notice a doll with that title.

    Thank you for entering me in this contest!

    God bless!

  31. My favorite Marian devotion is the rosary! I love all the Shining light dolls but I’m particularly like Our Lady of Lourdes ( my confirmation saint is St. Bernadette) and Our Lady of Fatima (my wedding anniversary is Oct 13th).

  32. Robin Blose says:

    They are all so wonderful and beautiful!!

  33. Teresa Buonafede says:

    They are all so cool! But I think I like Our Lady of Guadalupe the most.

  34. I’m still learning a lot about the images of Mary, but I like the Our Lady of China doll. My husband’s sister is adopted from China and we’d like to adopt a daughter from China as well. I’d like to get this doll for our daughters. Thanks for this opportunity!

  35. I am a person that has trouble picking favorites, but I must say I have become most amazed with the Our Lady of Guadalupe apparition and the scapular sacramental from Our Lady in recent years.

    The Shining Light dolls are all so beautiful and I am thrilled to see the coming saint dolls. Out of the ones out already, I would like Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Knock best.

  36. My favorite is Guadalupe after having visited the shrine twice

  37. They are perfect for young girls! I like them all but if I had to pick, it would be Our Lady of Guadalupe. God bless!

  38. I love them all! So adorable and perfect for little fingers 🙂

  39. They are all adorable! I would choose Our Lady of Knock or Our Lady of Guadalupe. Thanks!

  40. Stephanie R says:

    I like Our Lady of Guadalupe and Fatima.

  41. Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Knock

  42. I love these dolls and have been thinking about purchasing one, so I love this giveaway! I think Our Lady of Lourdes is my favorite, but I’d like Our Lady of Knock, too.

  43. We love to pray the rosary as a family. I would choose Our Lady of Knock, as my husband’s ancestors are from Ireland.

  44. These dolls are gorgeous! I have two little girls who would love them. My favorite is Our Lady of Knock. 🙂

  45. We love our lady of guadalupe but are getting to know others as well. Had not heard of our lady of knock.

  46. I love the Rosary and the Our Lady Undoer of Knots novena. Would love the Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Knock

  47. Elizabeth C says:

    Our Virgin de Guadalupe is my favorite, but they are all super cute.

  48. They are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL…but I think Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Czestochowa are my favorites.

  49. Love these! I would like to win Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

  50. These are so adorable!! I know my kiddos would love playing with them. I really like Our Lady of Czestochowa too!

  51. Kimberly S. Burke says:

    These are adorable. My little girls would love them.

  52. Patricia areias says:

    I love them all….and they will make the best gifts.

  53. I love them all, but Our Lady of Fatima is beautiful!

  54. BunnyMomRocks says:

    Our Lady of Knock. We have Irish ancestors and my children are interested in all things Ireland at the moment.

  55. My favorite image of Our Lady is one I learned about last year on my visit to the Nat’l Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Our Lady of Siluva, from Lithuania. My mother’s family is from Lithuania and the story is beautiful.

  56. We’d love to win any and all of them, however, the children would most likely enjoy the Guadalupe one since they know and love that story and we tend to act it out every year.

  57. So hard to choose! I would love Our Lady of Guadelupe, but I would also chose Our Lady of China in honor of my niece who is in the process of being adopted from China.

  58. These are so cute!

  59. I have a deep devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. These are all so cute!

  60. Poland — but they are all adorable — they remind me of some little wooden dolls from Japan and Korea I had when I was a child and collected dolls. I suppose my favorite image of Mary is her as Queen of Heaven from the Ghent alterpiece by van Eyck.

  61. I would love to win Our Lady of Knock!

  62. While our Lady of Lourdes and Guadeloupe are favorites, OL Knock would be great for our St. Brigid’s Academy homeschool.

  63. Guadalupe and Immaculate Conception!

  64. Perfect godchildren gifts. Guadalupe and Lourdes speak to me. 🙂

  65. lovely toy for lil’ hands.

  66. My favorite Shining Light Dolls are: Our Lady of China, and Our Lady of Vailankanni, India. I learned something new today. How much Our Lord and Our Lady loves us, to appear all over the world, in approved apparitions, to give us hope.

  67. I’d love our Lady of Guadalupe, as my third child (second daughter) was born on her feast day! They are all beautiful, and all my kids would love them!

  68. I think they are all great 🙂 My favorite is Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  69. Lorena Holland says:

    One of my favorite devotions is The Rosary. I would love the “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

  70. Lisa Sadler says:

    These are lovely. Please enter my email address in your contest. Thank you.

  71. I would choose Our Lady of Guadalupe. I want to start incorporating her feast day into our Advent season at home. Beautiful wooden dolls!

  72. I would be grateful for any of them, but if I had to choose, I would choose Our Lady of Guadalupe, as one of our sons was born on that day. 🙂

  73. Roxanna Alcantra says:

    Love Our Lady of Guadalupe!

  74. Elizabeth Matherne says:

    We love them all, but esp Our Lady of Lourdes!

  75. I love all the dolls, but Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favorite. She is my family’s patron saint, and I would love to add her doll to our home. Thanks!

  76. Our Lady of Lourdes

  77. Our Lady of Lourdes… Because of the Rosary

  78. I’ve just loved these dolls since I first saw them awhile ago. I didn’t know most of those apparitions so that was neat! I would say, for me, if I were to win, they would be for my two girls, and we’re fans of Fatima and Lourdes.

  79. Christine Jacobson says:

    My favorite image of Our Lady is of Guadalupe. That is one of the dolls I would choose.

  80. These are SO adorable! I just love them, and I am excited to give them as gifts this Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win TWO!!

  81. They are all so cute, but I have a special soft spot for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  82. Perfect gifts for my dd and god-daughters this Christmas! Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favorite, but each image is beautiful of her!

  83. Love the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue. I’d also love to see you make a set of saints! I have such a hard time finding unbreakable statues of saints for my kids to have on their prayer tables.

  84. These are lovely little light dolls. For sure, they teach children at a young age to have a love for Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have a deep love for Our Lady of Guadalupe…and I know a little one who would love it too!

  85. These are all so cute! I love Guadalupe and Knock ones especially. Our Lady of Sheshan or Our Lady of La Vang would be good future additions, too!

  86. These are very sweet.

  87. Katie Bettini says:

    I absolutely love these and know my daughter would too!

  88. Elaine Rogal says:

    Oh these are so sweet! Even if I don’t win I just might have to buy a couple…. thanks for the opportunity!

  89. Mary Hennessey says:

    This are adorable. win at least two. With four granddaughters, I hope to win for gifts. I love Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  90. Barbara B. says:

    I would like to win Our Lady of Guadalupe and/or Our Lady of Mount Carmel. these dolls are very cute and attractive. Such a nice size, too.

  91. I have a strong devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe since spending time on mission trips in Mexico. My kids would love these dolls!

  92. Julie (thegirlwhopaintedtrees) says:

    I’d love to win Our Lady of Guadelupe.

  93. Flatlander in VT says:

    I love the doll for Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the one for Kbeho

  94. Jennifer Werth says:

    I like how these would be safe toys for even young kids. Also, so cool how it shows each doll on the map. I am not good with geography, so I thought that was a really neat way to show them on the website. Would Guadalupe to give to my sister as a gift. Thanks for offering to give these away!

  95. Meg Matenaer says:

    These are so beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I suppose I especially love Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as our family is beginning to be enrolled in the brown scapular. Thank you!

  96. Jane Seaver says:

    I love these little dolls and hope I win them! They are so precious! Thank you for offering this giveaway and telling us about the dolls. They will make great gifts for godchildren and grandchildren!

  97. Raquel Agnes says:

    These are absolutely Beautiful! I have a strong devotion to Our Lady. And would love the Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    Great job, and God bless!

  98. I’ve had my eyes on these for my daughters and goddaughters for Christmas. I like them all but really love Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Lourdes!

  99. I love these dolls. Our Lady of Knock and Guadalupe. My girls would love these. I can’t wait to see the saints!

  100. I’m of Portuguese descent so I gotta go with the Our Lady of Fatima one. =)

  101. I love them all!! So cute!

  102. Melissa Oberling says:

    Love them all!

  103. I love Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I went to a grade school by the same name, and I credit my strong devotion to Mary to that school.

    I think my favorite doll is Our Lady of Cuba. It is just such a beautiful image!

  104. LOVE these dolls!! We actually already have Guadalupe and my daughter loves her! I would love to win Our Lady of Knock love her story and her little doll is beautifully simple!!!

  105. Melissa G. says:

    These are so beautiful. Thank you for hosting this give away. I would love to win these dolls for my family.

  106. Kathy Morrison says:

    My favorite image is Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Shining Dolls I would like to win are Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Lourdes. The dolls are beautiful.

  107. Kathy Morrison says:

    My favorite image is Our Lady of Guadalupe. The two Shining Dolls I would like to win are Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Lourdes. All of the dolls are beautiful!

  108. I’d pick Our Lady of Czestochowa, but they’re all adorable!

  109. These are so beautiful. My little girl would love them. Can’t wait for the saints as well.

    Thank you 🙂

  110. I love them all! I especially like the Our Lady of Guadalupe doll.

  111. Favorite devotion is to Our Lady of Guadalupe. I never knew about her growing up but only when I become a mother myself.
    All the Shining Light dolls are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the saints also.

  112. I plan to get these for my godchildren this Christmas.

  113. Our Lady of Grace is the image of Mary that touches me the deepest. Our Lady of Knock Shining Light Doll will hopefully be the first of many for my Mary-namesake daughter (due to a slight resemblance).

  114. These are so adorable! I would love to win these for my kids!

  115. I love Our Lady of Grace. I would love any of the dolls!!!!

  116. I have been admiring these dolls for sometime and hoping to get one for my three year old daughter for Christmas. We have been discussing Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that is my favorite at the moment, but they are all such a wonderful way to love Mary!

  117. Susie Marshall says:

    If I win two I would have to collect them all!

  118. I love a picture called the Polish Madonna. Mary is hanging laundry and baby Jesus is sitting near her. I think I’d like to win the Our Lady of Czestochowa

  119. Love Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that would be my first pick of the Shining Light Dolls. =) They’re all great though!

  120. Our Lady of Guadalupe is awesome! I’m always looking for new ideas and products to share with our families in our faith formation program

  121. The are all my favorite

  122. They all are beautiful ! Our Lady of Guadalupe because of the bright colors ! Plus my daughter loves her 🙂

  123. Beautifull dolls

  124. Bernadette says:

    these are a wonderful idea, great for reminding us of our Mother Mary during the day

  125. Our lady of Guadalupe is my favorite, but I love them all. I’ve never seen them before, so thanks for getting the word out!

  126. Jennifer J in MN says:

    Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Częstochowa are my favorite images and all the dolls are so pretty!

  127. All so nice. Favorites would be Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Lourdes.

  128. I’ve always loved Our Lady of Lourdes and Fatima. I think those dolls are precious and I also love the Our Lady of Guadalupe doll too. Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  129. Julie Penzenik says:

    All of these dolls are absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the Lady of Knock! Thank you for the chance to be in the drawing.

  130. Our Lady of Lourdes!

  131. I love the black and white picture of Our Lady and the Child Jesus we have on the wall. I found it at an antique store.
    My daughter would love any of these dolls, they are so cute! I like Our Lady of Czestochowa and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

  132. I love praying the Rosary. the shining light doll i’d pick would be Our Lady of Guadalupe

  133. Just found this site as I was preparing for a Little Flowers meeting. I love the shining light dolls, but I don’t love how late I will be up exploring your site. 😉

  134. Sarah Grant says:

    My fav is Our Lady of Czestochowa.:)

  135. I love the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, since my background is Polish.\\my absolute favourite is Our Lady of Combermere.

  136. I would like our lady of fatima for my virgin mary collection!

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