Triumph of the Cross: September 14

Triumph of the Cross

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross!

When Jesus’ Body was removed, the Cross was hidden so that followers would not find it.  About 300 years later the True Cross was found!

Sounds like the ultimate Treasure Hunt…check out our idea for a Treasure Hunt at the end of this post!

The Sign of the Cross remains an important symbol uniting Christians in our Faith in Jesus. It reminds us of Jesus’ Sacrifice and it encourages us in our daily struggles.

…found it in A Treasure Chest

This is a great excuse for some Cross Crafts!

 september 14


of the Cross

Adam and I made some Embossed Foil Crosses, experimenting with different methods. Foil-wrapped craft foam didn’t work so well, but was it ever fun to make a mess with markers to embellish with markers.  OK, we learned that washable markers don’t adhere too well to the foil, but they do cover skin pretty consistently …on the hands, arms and face!

Foil Pan Cross

I cut out the bottom of a frozen Lasagna foil pan.  It already had a nice little pattern that we could easily turn into a cross.  Patterns are easily sketched in the more durable material with a ballpoint pen and the ink doesn’t really adhere to it, but the intricate texture stays. Washable markers just wipe right off, but permanent sharpie markers add permanent color!

I think that we will try to use some of the techniques they use over at Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom for their Faux Tin Tiles!

Faux Tin Tiles





Here are some OTHER Cross Crafts we’d like to try!

Haitian Foil Cross over at

The Haitian-inspired Foil Cross can be found over at Teach Kids Art.

I think this one is made with 3M Foil Tape (found in the plumbing section at your hardware or building store), stuck to craft foam, cut in the form of a cross.  The Foil Tape seems nice and durable…and holds up to embossing with a ballpoint pen, MUCH BETTER than regular foil!

Here’s another one at Danielle’s Place!


stained glass window cross

This Stained Glass Tissue Paper Cross over at Kara’s Creative Place is a classic paper craft that’s pretty easy and rewarding for little fingers.

I would cut out the black frame out of construction paper, mount the black shape on a piece of clear contact paper (from the dollar store) and let the kids place small pieces of colorful tissue paper onto the sticky surface, within the cross frame.

I think it would look great on the front window of our house!

We could actually make a pretty big one, using one or two rolls of clear contact paper!


Bead and Clay Crosses These Bead and Clay Crosses over at That Artist Woman look easy and fun to make with regular salt dough, mixed with a little food coloring! I know the kids would have a lot of fun personalizing the crosses with beads, shells, glass pebbles, sequins and buttons!

I’m sure we could find lots of embellishments in our craft cupboard…or at the dollar store!

Incidentally, the little wooden crosses in the top picture are from Oriental Trading Company. You can find a lot of interesting materials for Cross crafts there!

wood_crossesI think these will be awesome for an easy Treasure Hunt around the house or the backyard!

…And if we happen to miss finding one or two on the hunt, what a great reminder it will be for us when we randomly find a colorful cross behind a couch or poking out of the garden…in the months to come!

Do you have a favorite Cross Craft?

Share your LINK in the comments!




  1. Thanks Monica!! I’ll have to remember the cross hunt! It sounds really fun!! Thanks so much for sharing all these great ideas on the Catholic and Living it link-up!

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