Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar

Liturgical_Calendar_coverI’m excited about this product because I really like Illuminated Ink’s coloring pages and the idea of an organization folder for the Liturgical Calendar.

LIturgical Calendar Seasons


Illuminated Ink’s Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar comes with blank calendar templates for each season along with Illuminated Ink‘s classic (but new, improved and expanded!)  saint symbol stickers, informative Season explanations and awesome coloring pages.

I could see many families using this Catholic product to organize their Liturgical Calendar crafts and activities, mapping out the days on which the Feast days of each month fall.




The Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar comes with full instructions for use, colorful Liturgical color stickers, along with the Saint Symbol Stickers.  Season templates fold out easily with layouts for the appropriate number of weeks.  You get to record the specific month and dates for this year’s Liturgical Seasons, adding the colored stickers for the particular Season and the Saint Symbols for the Feast Days.

Comprehensive explanations of the Sacred Season and the Sacred Signs  are included, along with extra prayers, facts and special quotes to further articulate our journey through the Liturgical Calendar.

The Seasonal Coloring Pages are packed with awesome illustrations of holy figures and holy symbols and all are well-explained for deeper understanding.

Liturgical Calendar Coloring Pages




I like the kraft-cardboard binder, but it may be a little narrow for my plans. One of the masterminds behind Illuminated Ink, Fran suggests keeping printed pageviews of  Catholic Pinterest Pinboards, packed with crafts for the feastdays and seasons.

I plan to make my own notes and collections of crafts, organized by the season pages used as dividers. I have even been organizing a specific Saints Calendar Pinboard for saint crafts, making sure that I identify the appropriate month for easy organization and search.

Catholic Pinterest Pinboard

Do you want to print out screen shots of your Catholic Pinterest Pinboards?

1. Make sure you have a good view of your pinboard

2. Hit “Ctrl” “PrtScn” buttons at the same time. “PrtScn” is near the Fbuttons at the top of your keyboard.

3. Hit “Ctrl” “V” buttons or use the “paste” command…in your photo editing software.

Saints and Feasts Sticker Album

I happen to also have the Our Saints & Feasts of the Year Sticker Album (available at Hillside Education) with little thumbnail stickers of each saint for every day of the year. Incidentally, these stickers fit perfectly in the calendar days of the Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar, with a little room to spare to record the Saint’s name.

I did a quick color print (just for my home use…) and I’m using these for a quick visual reminder of the saints of the month; divider pages corresponding to the months of the year, strategically placed within the different seasons.  These can be easily moved, as the seasons shift slightly across the months.

calendar and saint stickers

I’m excited about using this calendar to help me stay better organized through the Saints Feastdays and Liturgical Seasons. It will also help me organize and research for Edition 2 of A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

September has always felt like a new beginning with bright hopes and intentions for better organization. I’m glad that Illuminated Ink’s Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar is inspiring me to jump in deeper into the Liturgical Calendar and create a useful tool that I will use year after year.

I received the Sacred Seasons Liturgical Calendar in exchange for my honest review.




  1. As a catechist teaching young children about Jesus and Church, I always introduce church seasons in mid-October to tie them to the annual seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I’ve looked for a simple coloring page with a symbol or two for each season but one that has church liturgical reference to tie in advent, Christmas, Epiphany. Lent amd Easter. I’ve yet to find anything like this, so I end up with multiple page of liturgical seasons for the kids to color in class or take home. This gobbles a lot of class time – so it’s not productive since our ‘Church Seasons Class’ is only an hour long. If anyone has a website that has something like this, please direct me there! I’ve been looking for a long time.

  2. is the link for Hillside’s Our Saint’s and Feasts. Thanks for the review and inspiration.

  3. That is such a neat product and great way to follow the liturgical year as a family. It’s going on my list of products I want to order soon.

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