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treasure chestIn the Treasure Chest, we included an idea for a God Box: a special decorated and at times elastic-locked box to hold our special prayer petitions, in an attempt to hand them over to the Lord.  The God Box can be made for a whole family or a whole classroom or for each child. Prayers are shared as desired, but we can all pray for the unspoken intentions in The God Box.

Sometimes, drastic measures are taken to help a new family Faith activity or tradition to be widely adopted…in the home, classroom or church group! Yes, there will be some rolling of the eyes, some crossed arms, a couple of big sighs…but won’t the same teenagers appreciate the play-on-words of their favorite nutty-chocolaty spread in our feeble attempt to pray more as a family?

dotella_Prayer_Jar_equipping_Catholic_familiesI’ll let you know.

The do tella Prayer Jar is the creative brilliance of my friend Teresa. She designed her labels for a big 5kg Nutella Jar (that’s 11LBs to you in the USA!) and shared it as leader of her Junior High Youth Group at her Evangelical Community Church. She mentioned that ‘All they really wanted to know was if they needed to put their name on their prayer requests. We told them we just want to pray for them so no name is required if they don’t feel like it.’

Prayer JarThe do tella Prayer Jar reminds us to share our worries and intentions with one another…or at least offer them all up together as brothers and sisters in Christ…and NO prayer intention is too big or too small to fit on a little piece of paper for the jar.

You may want to decide before-hand…if people are expected to talk about their prayer intentions or sign their little prayer notes…and if as a group, they’d like to talk about the anonymous concerns or not.

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Now, purchasing Nutella in our family is relatively new. It has taken us 19 years of married life and one insistent 17 year old to consider the health benefits of chocolate…on bread…for breakfast.  I guess we have decided that if it means the difference between breakfast and no breakfast, we’ll buy Nutella. That said…only one of our seven-member family really eats Nutella, so we are destined to keep only the small jar in stock.

The good news is…I have put together a FREE Printable of the dotella Prayer Jar with TWO templates, both at TWO different sizes to accommodate the 2 different size jars.

dotella Prayer Jar Template:

The Original Template is the creative genius of my friend Teresa.

dotella Prayer Jar ingredientsThe Catholic Template has a little Catholic Catechism…and Saint quotes squeezed in along with a little Scripture…because I couldn’t resist.

Incidentally, the smaller jar of Nutella does not have a perma-brown container. I experimented by rolling acrylic paint around the inside of a peanut butter plastic jar and I have learned that while adding a little liquid dish detergent helps the paint’s consistency and ability to stick to the plastic, white glue or water do not. Just make sure that you allow the painted jar to dry sufficiently before use…and together we will hope that the paint doesn’t start flaking off any time soon. I’ll keep you posted!

dotella printable cover

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You don’t buy Nutella?


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  1. My children love Nutella, although I buy it very rarely (it disappears much too quickly around here). However, this activity looks wonderful and I think a witty way to keep the lines of prayer and communication flowing – especially with teens!
    I’m so glad you share all these holy inspirations of yours, thank you!

  2. My favorite, favorite, favorite thing about this is that it is a tangible transferring of the problem from yourself to God. Wow, that’s powerful! Thank you for this idea.

  3. I love this idea! Will add this to my list of things for our Family of God Award retreat!

  4. What a clever idea, Monica!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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