Broken Statues and St Padre Pio

Padre Pio Statues

We are big fans of St Padre Pio. It started when my daughter Kelly picked up the little monk statue at a bookstore.  She started reading books about him and he became one of our favorite family patron Saints.   We even made a St Padre Pio Wooden Painted Saint.




We have a Soft Saints St Padre Pio as well…which was a very special gift for Kelly’s First Holy Communion, with thanks to our friend Teri of Soft Saints.

She even coached us how to fix him up after the dreaded bed bugs incident.


broken Padre Pio

and we have a pretty big statue…but he took a bit of a tumble.

We think his fall might have had something to do with this guy.

Adam Padre Pio

broken St Anthony

Just like when I found St Anthony in pieces  in a bag…in Adam’s room.

The St Anthony statue was a gift to my husband, when he was a child.

St Padre Pio glued together

Good thing we always have some Crazy Glue on hand.

St Padre Pio is an amazing saint, with his stigmata, dedication to hearing confessions, ecstasy and conversations with Jesus and Mary.  His biggest influence on us has been his relationship with his Guardian Angel, a friend he conversed with throughout his entire life…and his confidence in all of our Guardian Angels, to pass along messages and nudge us to do what’s right.

I loved reading “Send Me Your Guardian Angel”! The book is not just an inspiring testament to St Padre Pio’s holiness, but reminds us of how revered he was during his lifetime. I’m still picturing the little Italian ladies chasing Padre Pio with scissors, eager to snatch pieces of his clothes for relics!

The book also enlivens our understanding of the active role that Guardian Angels can play in our lives.  Perhaps you say the Guardian Angel prayer with your kids too.  Well, this book adds life to that prayer and intensifies their role in our lives dramatically!

Very human and humourous stories are told in this enlightening book.  You might just find yourself quoting some of the stories to others! The simple style of storytelling, combined with the well-known holiness of this awesome saint might just convince you to get better acquainted with your own Guardian Angel. You may even begin to enlist your angel’s help to assist you and your loved ones in everyday life.

Read my full Review of Send Me Your Guardian Angel.

You probably won’t find this book on Amazon, but I know they sell it through the EWTN catalogue.  I think I need to reorder a couple, because I keep giving my copy away!


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