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Mary crafts

Mother Mary certainly sees our trials and challenges. She is the ultimate model of motherhood with her prayerful, gentle way to cope with life’s adventures. Perhaps if we pray more incessantly for her guidance and her intercession, we can better follow her example bringing more peace and Faith into our homes.

Easier said than done!  Back to the Prompt Me to Pray prayer!

As usual, when I’m hoping to cultivate a deeper devotion to our Faith in our kids,  I look to hands-on crafts and activities to channel their creativity.  I also like to have the finished  Catholic creations visible around the house, reinforcing our priorities with our hand-made treasures.

As much as the kids…sometimes, I just have to make something with felt, or paint or concrete!….how about some Mary-inspired crafts!

Mary TY doll to saint

Years ago, we gave our TY dolls makeovers to become Saints. The simple, modest clothing and special accessories could dignify almost any kind of doll into a holy hero.


We have even been known to make our own Holy Hero Felt Friends.  We have a similar tutorial from when we made Our Family Leprechaun, just leave out all the green felt, if you’re making most other Saints or Bible figures!felt_friends




We have actually made TWO wooden painted saints in honor of Mother Mary. One shows her holding little Jesus, while this one shows her as our Queen, appropriate for the Feast Day coming up on August 22!

Mary wooden painted saint

DIY garden stone


Just recently, I posted a tutorial for a Garden Stone Mosaic we made over 12 years ago!

And finally, our most popular Cathletics Craft Kit: Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers gets kids praying the Rosary! With each decade of prayers, they construct a cute and colorful flower that can be given away as a Spiritual Bouquet! The craft kit also includes templates for a giant wall garland, so that you can decorate a whole room (even classroom!) with all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary as a vine of flowers!


The new Revolving Rosary will help your family devotion to the Rosary as well…one decade a day!


mary august collage


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  1. What a lovely collection! Thanks for putting it all together. I’m kicking myself for giving away all of our TY dolls. They looked like clutter then, but now… oh, the possibilities!! 🙂

  2. Monica, I’ve been wanted to try your doll make-overs!! I found a few old dolls at a thrift store and I just have figure out how to give them a new saintly look! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. The wooden saints are so cute! I love that idea.

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