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If you  like our facebook page or subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families, you will know how much I love the Happy Saints by the different crafts I have made using them!  See Happy Saints Bingo, Happy Saints Tokens (Poker Chips!) and Happy Saints Valentines.

I do love Saints Crafts!

I have been saving frozen juice lids for a while, now…for crafts like my Dream Team of Saints.  I guess we drink a lot of juice…because I’m almost keeping up my frozen juice lid collection in time with Victor’s constantly-growing collection of Happy Saints. It seems that Victor is always adding more saints, so every month or so, I collect a few more saints to print, formatting the circles to my 2.5″ circle hole punch. They fit so nicely in the frozen juice lids and they clink well. This is important…at least it is for my kids.

happy saints on frozen juice lids


I actually have a very healthy supply of frozen juice lids and have decided to make a set for my favorite Catholic teacher to share in her classroom.

I even found a cool wooden box at the dollar store!


There is no end to uses for these!

They can be handed out to the kids for a quick little study of the saints, reading out the name and special quote and identifying the Happy Saints’ special attributes in their pictures.

Magnets can be secured to the back of these frozen juice lids so that the Happy Saints can adorn the magnetic chalkboard, identifying their Feast Days.

If I could manage to make TWO sets of the Happy Saints…they could be used in a giant matching game!

My 7 year old and 3 year old kids like to collect them, sort them, slide them down a table (ooh, shuffleboard!), stack them, spin them and clink them!

How would YOU use a set of Happy Saints on frozen juice lids?

A big thank-you to Victor at Happy Saints for generously offering his wonderful artwork for private use.  Check out his awesome Happy Saints e-books : premium posters, prayer cards, greeting cards, coloring pages and books!

Please support Happy Saints and help Victor continue his awesome work!
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