Catholic Lingo Bingo Classroom Kit: Gift for Teacher

Up here in Canada…we still have a few weeks left of school.  I have been compiling a list of DIY Gifts you can put together for your favorite Catholic Teacher or Catechist.  These are unique, inexpensive and will be a welcomed go-to activity for years to come in their classroom! Teach the Faith in fun, new ways! You can even make a copy of the same Catholic Printable for your own family set, while you’re at it!

Catholic Bingo Teacher Gift

Catholic Lingo Bingo is another Catholic Printable offered through our Arma Dei Shoppe.

For a more personalized gift…you and your kids could carefully color the Bingo templates, make copies of the colored sheets and laminate them for extra durability.

Alternatively, you could decide whether you would like to laminate the bingo sheets for kids to decorate with dry erase markers, or leave the set of black and white templates “as is” for the teacher to decide how she’d like to involve the kids in the classroom.


If you’d like to offer a deeper level of play, you could include a deck of the Reverence & Awe Collector Cards. (They’re on sale for $5/deck!)  These cards include matching full-color images to the Bingo cards, along with brief descriptions for deeper understanding.  The cards also offer a suggestion of color choice for embellishing the Bingo cards.

Have you seen some of our other DIY Gifts for Catholic Teachers and Catechists?  They include our other Catholic Printables, along with suggested games or materials to complete the gift.  We think your favorite Teacher or Catechist will LOVE a gift like this…and will be impressed by your ingenuity!

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Catholic Lingo Bingo Catholic Printable: $12

2 rolls of clear adhesive: $1-2

Reverence & Awe Collector Cards (optional): $8 + shipping

Lasting, Catholic Gift for your favorite Teacher: priceless =)

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More DIY Gifts for Catholic Teachers and Catechists…coming soon!

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