Catholic Family Calendar: Teacher Gift

Catholic Family Calendar Teacher Gift We have talked about this Catholic Family Calendar Catholic Printable before. It’s a Perpetual Calendar to use year after year. It is filled with Kelly Comics artwork (by my daughter when she was 11!) and it includes a month-by-month listing of all the Patron Saint Feast Days!

The great thing about this Catholic Printable is that it includes both a black and white version and a color version.  The black and white version can be custom-colored with pencil crayons, while the full color version is ready for hand-written family Sacrament anniversary dates, birthdays and family patron saint days.  The filled-in calendar can be color-printed, making copies for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins so that everyone has a record of all the important family dates!

Special TEACHER USE of Cathletics Craft Kit.

The Catholic Family Calendar Craft Kit includes permission to copy for a whole class set, so that every child can fill in their special family dates and take it home as a gift for Mom and Dad.

Even MORE enticing for teachers…teachers can fill in all their favorite Saint days and key school events and milestones for each month to create a master calendar for their classroom. Starting fresh with a new print of the ‘master calendar’ in August or September, they could then add the birthdays of the students for each year, along with study unit dates and field trips, all geared to that particular year.  This would become a nice record of each class year.


Binding does not have to be expensive! Binding options include:

  • spiral binding (at a print shop)
  • securing pages to a dollarstore sketchpad
  •  a big clip (with optional magnets) for the “Clipboard Calendar” version as seen in photo above.

The Build-Your-Own Catholic Family Perpetual Calendar! with Kelly Comics illustrations.

Each month has a complete path of dates to record your family birth dates, Sacrament dates. anniversaries and dates of when loved ones passed away. The sticky notes and notepaper background already have key feast dates and monthly devotions recorded, with ample space to add your own favorite feast days and “family firsts”.  This kit also includes a black & white version for your family to color with pencil crayons, record your special dates and copy for all your relatives, as well as a full month-by-month index of patron saints, so that you can add your favorite patron saints to each month.

Purchase NOW and receive INSTANTLY to print at home! Downloadable PDF version Price: $14 U.S.

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Catholic Family Calendar Catholic Printable: $14

Spiral Binding at a Print Shop (optional) <$5

Dollar Store Wire Bound Sketch Book and glue (optional): $2

Big Clip for holding loose pages (optional): $1

Total Cost: $15-$20

Lasting, Catholic Gift for your favorite Teacher: priceless =)

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  1. Wonderful gift! I think this Catholic Family Calendar Craft Kit is really made for the teachers. It was very simple but yet it has an importance if you give it to your teacher as a gift. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. The Catholic Family Calendar Craft Kit is a great product that is good as a teachers gift. And i found this very interesting. I am sure your money will be worth buying this.

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