May Saints!

MAYFirst, we’ve got the I Spy…the Saints collages…and this FREE printable now includes ALL 12 MONTHS!

For the complete FREE printable of 12 Months of I Spy…the SAINTS!, click the “Add to Cart” button right here (no discount code needed):  Add to Cart

For previous Monthly I Spy…the Saints! photo collages, click the links:
July to December I Spy!
January I Spy…including TOP 4 ideas to use the Monthly Saint Pages FREE printable!
Review of Aquinas and More Prayer Card Binder (this is what the Monthly Saint Pages were designed for!)
To find out how I made these photo-collages easily at home, check out
Catholic I Spy…with a Scanner!
Remember our Painted Wooden Saints?
saints 2 go
I only have a couple who have Feast Days in the month of May. Time to make a couple more!
How about St Rita, St Brendan, St Philip, St James, St Joan of Arc?
Here is What We Do With Wooden Painted Saints!  
….and then there are are TY Dolls made Saints starting with St Joseph…
Read all about our TY Dolls to Saints Makeovers!
….and Mother Mary for the Month of May!
Did you see our recent post about the Tiny Saints?
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…because there is some exciting Tiny Saints news COMING SOON…through Equipping Catholic Families!

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