Hi Frankie! It’s MAY!

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Hey Frankie!

I was wondering how you’re doing! We haven’t written in a while, but I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been up to.

I turned three, I’ve got a cool set of Animal Planet animals and my brother’s old workbench, that actually looks pretty new. I’ve  got some cool tools (even if I broke the hammer already) and my Dad filled the sandbox with nice new sand. I figured out how to reach chocolate and the pancake  mix in the high cupboards and they pumped up my basketball, so it’s got a good bounce.


The bigger kids have outgrown alot of their cool toys and I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to play with them.


I also weasled into my brother’s golf lesson with Uncle Tom.

Tom Adam and Joe






Check this out! We’ve got pictures of my brother Joseph playing golf with Grandpa Tom a few years ago!


Joe and Grandpa

I guess you could say that golf runs in the family.

golf break


This is me taking a break from my golf lesson.





This is me making a run for it.




Hey, I was wondering…do you ever get in trouble?  I can be a little cranky these days when I don’t get my way.  I do give my Mom a bit of a hard time.

I guess she always did what she was told when she was little…but maybe it’s because she was SCARED SILLY by this book given to the family by our Austrian relatives.

***the following images MAY curb tiny bad habits but WILL PROBABLY give your child (like my MOM or my sister Bridget) nightmares for the rest of his/her life!***

We recently discovered this battered copy and examined it briefly only to take pictures of it in horror to warn you about it and  to marvel at its’ ghastliness. We are now discerning whether we bury it, stow it away in the deepest closet…or send it back to the relatives in Austria.

scariest_book_coverYou will not find a link to this book in this post! We are not going to even attempt to print the German title for fear that anyone ELSE will buy a forgotten copy of this hideous book for an unsuspecting niece or nephew in a distant country.

 IMG_1844 You see, my mom used to suck her thumb…but then she saw THIS book!

Yikes! Who writes this stuff!?

scary book








I might reconsider leaning back in my chair at the dinner table…no thanks to THIS!


Anyway, I get into my share of mischief…but nothing quite this scary happens.

Do you ever get in trouble at your house?

How do your folks deal with obstinacy, disobedience and crankiness….if there happens to be any?

Just curious…


your pal, Adam

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  1. Br. James A. Locke says:

    Genius Adam if he wrote it. Unquestionable true.


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