An Alphabet of Mary: Book Review

Alphabet of Mary cover

I have been a fan of Catholic Artworks for a while…after having met Brenda and George (and family!) at a few Catholic conferences.  I have been blown away by the extensive, growing collection of awesome artwork that they have created! I have made crafts like the Stations of the Cross Carousel and Stepping Stones through Jesus’ Life, completely enhanced by these nicely drawn, colorful and likeable artwork of Jesus, Mary and the Saints, available as Catholic digital clipart for projects, activities and teaching aids.  I know that they have a full range of posters and banners and so many wonderful Catholic materials to delve into Church teaching including vessels, vestments, traditions and the Papacy!

Alphabet of Mary G

I have seen their growing collection of beautifully illustrated books, and just received my very own shiny copy of An Alphabet of Mary! Perfect for the month of May!

Each letter of the alphabet is beautifully illustrated with a picture of Mary and a little poem describing one of the qualities or roles that she models for us.

Extra little paragraphs describe various apparitions or further articulate Church teaching and tradition about Mary.

This is what the nice people at Catholic Artworks say about it:

An Alphabet of Mary book…takes after our popular Alphabet of Catholic Saints book, with charming ryhmes and kid friendly illustrations that covers titles of Mary from A to Z. Available in soft cover, it is sure to become one of your children’s favorite books to read! 64 peages, 8 1/2″x 8 1/2″, all full color illustrations. $12.95

Alphabet of Mary P

This is a beautiful book! I plan to give my copy to my daughter for her birthday on the Feast of the Visitation!

Alphabet of Mary V Alphabet_of_Mary_backcover

I received this book as a gift from George and Brenda Nippert of Catholic Artworks and I’m happy to share my honest review of this beautiful book. I hope to review more of Catholic Artworks’ products at Equipping Catholic Families.


  1. I saw your blogpost on pinterest! I’m buying this tomorrow morning when I get my purse out! Love this! It’s beautiful!!! When I get it, I’m definitely going to blog about it! My girls would love it!

    • This people at Catholic artworks are a fake and theifts they take your hard earned money and don’t deliver what you buy and ignore you when you call or text and even email
      Too bad they are using the name Catholic

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