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4Isn’t Pinterest fun? My only challenge about pinterest…is how to really use it to create things to help my family!  It’s so easy to pin pretty pictures, but sometimes they just gather on my pinboards and I don’t actually try the craft or recipe.  I have been delighted to discover awesome artists who I would not have found without pinterest, but I don’t always remember to visit my ‘artwork’ pinboard to admire all of the work.  Together with prayers I have managed to find and pin, I have created a new Prayer Book Pinboard, but this time…I have an action plan!  This collection will be used to build something!

My friend Jeanette inspired me with her custom prayer book. It’s a little photo album packed with her favorite prayers and quotes from spiritual reading and it’s light enough to keep with her, wherever she goes.

I also have favorite prayers that I have gathered over the years…prayer share

some are hand-written by my Grandma, others have been shared by other family, friends…and websites!

I actually started a link-up called the Favorite Prayer Share where you can add your own favorite prayers!  It has been a little neglected, but I have re-opened the link-up, in case you have any treasure prayers to add!



I thought that this little Pinterest Prayer Book could be a neat little collection of favorite prayers and awesome, inspiring artwork.  I purchased the little photo album at Walmart…but a dollar store one would work just as well.


I visited the pictures I had pinned to my Prayer Book Pinboard! I contacted a few of the artists and I hope to feature them with direct links… in a blog post soon.

In the meantime…I collected the images in my own document and had them printed at Staples.

Aren’t they beautiful?



I formatted as many prayers and images as I could on each 8.5″x11″ sheet and cut them out to fit the 4″x6″ pages.  I made sure that the text was large enough to be easily read and I used colored paper stock (cut to 4″x6″ ‘pages) to fit the little travel-size photo album.

all season prayer bank.jpg

Hey, would you like to find all of your favorite prayers…easily printable in one file?  Our new All Season Prayer Bank has 74 prayer cards plus 28 prayer card templates! That’s where I grabbed the Anima Christi prayer.


I think that this little album might help keep Adam quieter at Mass  (OK, maybe wishful thinking, but I can dream) and if that doesn’t work, at least I have a neat little Pinterest Prayer Book that I can add to, with our special family prayers…and appreciate awesome artwork that artists have been generous enough to share online. Finally, an excuse and a venue to appreciate the artwork I have admired …and let it inspire a richer prayer life.



Are you NEW to Pinterest?  …you can follow ME on Pinterest for a shortcut to these Catholic Pinboards.
I already follow these Catholic pinners who also think it’s cool 2B Catholic!







  1. I am so impressed. What a beautiful use of your talents! Thanks for joining the link-up!

  2. Great idea, and beautiful book. And really, you knocked out a bunch of pins with this project, and created something that will enrich your prayer life at the same time. Win, win!

  3. This is another wonderful resource that I was not aware existed. Thank-you. Through Catholic Feast contacting me through Pinterest, I now am connected to 15+ boards with thousands of Catholic images, memes,photos, icons and paintings to use on my blog and articles.

  4. Excellent idea!!

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